Wednesday, 29 September 2010

StreetDance 3D Launch Party Report

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With the release of StreetDance 3D on DVD, the HMVforum in Camden saw some bright young talent take to the stage to promote the film. With fans screaming, music pumping and lighting glaring us in the face, the night was about to begin… We started off with some hype building from the host, who first introduced the directors of the film Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini and producer Jim Spencer. After declaring that this British film beat Step Up 2 in the charts, they seemed really humble for the appreciation and love the movie got.

What are you most proud of to do with the film?

Dania: The thing we’re most proud about is being able to showcase UK’s finest talent.

*Crowd cheers*

I’m now going to ask Jim, did you envision the success of the film?

Jim: You can never imagine the film being so huge, but to show the incredible talent in the UK, and to show we’ve got incredible people here that can do incredible things. Thank you.

And finally, Max, can you say anything about the StreetDance sequel?

Max: It’s going to be in 3D, bigger and better!

Once the question and answer section was over, we were shown some cast members all glamed up for the night there to make an appearance. They lined up on stage and smiled for the cameras, and had one of the toughest questions they’ve ever been asked…

You sing in the shower, but do you dance in the shower?

Beci: Of course! I dance everywhere.

Once the crew had slowly walked off stage, we were given a performance from Lightning Thieves who provided songs for soundtracks. Versions of “Friday Night” and “Rude Boy” were sang to us with a huge band and great club atmosphere. They thanked the directors for allowing the band to be apart of the film which was highly praised for the soundtrack. The band loved attention from the audience and were high fiving them and dancing right down with them most of the time.

Whilst this mammoth of a stage was dissembled of instruments, to fill time a screen came down and we were able to watch the extras from the DVD. Showing interviews with the stars of the film, and how they promoted the release it of, it was a clever way to fill a gap. This was all just teasing the viewers as they were really here to see the amazing choreographed acts that were about to grace the stage.

George Sampson, winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2008 and lead role in the film, was first to take to the stage. After being prompted by the host to do some sort of immense dance move, he chose the back flip – Quite the crowd pleaser. The host then went on to ask a couple of questions which were suggested by audience members on the Facebook page…

What’s been the best job in your career?

George: StreetDance! (Cheeky grin)

How has the past 2 years been for you since winning Britain’s Got Talent?

George: Going back 4 years ago when I was busking on the streets of Manchester, I’ve never been happier.

After he gave the crowd a little wave and disappeared behind the scenes, we were next introduced to Master of Moves. This group of children aged between 6 – 10 were one of the most impressive performers of the night. They came onto stage with the cutesy factor and wowed viewers with their talent for street dancing. You couldn’t take your eyes off these little people, and they really set the tone for the night.

The next to follow were Status, Semi-Finalists for Sky1’s talent search “Got to Dance” this year. They had this sense of character which made them stick out from the other dancers, as their facial expressions were entertaining and their creativity was incredible. After this stunning group was another, Peridot – Britain’s Got Talent 2009’s Semi-Finalist. Using well known songs like “Can’t Touch This” and putting an alternative spin on the movements, they really made the crowd dance and shouts. Unfortunately, they did have to pause before their performance as technicalities meant their song wasn’t played. The host tried to fill in by asking how they felt to be here, but the music started playing and the rest was history.

Just to mix things up a little, the next performer to stage was Mz Brat. She too provided songs for the soundtrack and pulled several members from the audience up on stage to show off their dance skills. As you can imagine, they mostly just bopped about, including one man who liked to point a lot for his dancing. To fill some more time, the host then created a dance off. Four people were asked to show their moves, and actually there were a couple who could break dance which was surprising. You would expect this from a crowd filled with lovers of a dance film though, I guess…

To get ready for the final acts, we had a special message from Rachel McDowall who was in Canada promoting the film at the time…

“Hi guys, I’m sorry I can’t be there for the DVD launch of StreetDance 3D. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at Vertigo Films and for all the support you guys are giving us. I hope you have a fun evening.”

Now for the real excitement! We were given a performance from what can only be described as the most adorable boy on Earth. Akai, Got To Dance 2010 winner, performed to a mixture of songs including Eminem’s Love The Way I Lie featuring Rihanna. Now, if you’ve heard this song you know it’s quite slow, but he incorporated every little word and movement he could to get the most out of the song. When asked if there’s anything he wanted to say, he stated:

“Thank you so much for letting me perform to you guys, I love it.”

The crowd in harmony said “Aww” and let him sweetly walk away after an incredible performance.

Now, it was time for the finale. Flawless, Britain’s Got Talent 2009’s semi-finalists, were massively popular. They cruised up on stage in matching black and white suits all ready to give a performance of a lifetime. They took a break out of their tour to show us their, well, flawless moves and it was amazing to watch. After spins, jumps, leaps and body transofrmation, the group ended their show by blowing out flames in unison which just made the crowd go wild. They were impeccable with timing and routine, so you can see why the film chose to base a lot of the dance around them. The group stated everything that’s happened to them they will never take for granted, and they’re doing what they love for the audience.

It was refreshing to see how all these different types of people have one passion and love for dancing, and to see the effort and dedication they put in to every performance. The things they can do with their body still baffles me now, and to see it all in 3D makes it that much more exciting in the film. For any lover of dance films, this is probably the best you’ll be given right now so embrace it and enjoy the talent provided to you.


  1. Nice blog, thanks for tweeting using the hashtag so it appeared on TooMuchFlavour!
    Did you get your quotes by recording on a dictaphone or recite them from memory?

  2. Hey ya, no worries! It was a fun night.

    I recorded the interviews on my phone and made out what I could from it as it was a little fuzzy!