Sunday, 26 September 2010

Inappropriate Film Posters

When I was doing my post on the Harry Potter Gang, I came across this poster:

Now, as you can imagine I had to stop and really stare because this is the best and creepiest thing I have ever seen. So, after typing into Google "Inappropriate Film Posters" I soon changed it to "Banned Film Posters" because the images that popped under the previous name were just plain wrong. But, here's a few highlights from what I found... Enjoy! (I'm not a pervert, promise.)

Ken Park (Dir. Larry Clark & Edward Lachman, 2002)
A tormented tale about young teenagers who have horrible lives with their families...

Teeth (Dir. Mitchell Lichtenstein, 2007)
I'm going to be blunt with you - It's about a girl with teeth in her vagina.

Dying Breed (Dir. Jody Dwyer, 2008)

Cannibalism, essentially. But with Tasmanian history giving it context.

Ali G Indahouse (Dir. Mark Mylod, 2002)
Sacha Baron Cohen takes the role of the perverted Wankster causing all sorts of havoc.

Bad Lieutenant (Dir. Werner Herzog, 2010)
And finally, here's Nicolas Cage abusing some OAP's.


  1. Nick Cage abuses my eyes with some of his terrible movies!

    Knowing, National Treasure are just a few

  2. Those are so great (in a perverse funny sort of way), no wonder why some of them were banned! I have to say I think the Harry Potter one is hysterical and I'm sure there are a lot of slashers out there who loved it!

    I'm not sure if you heard about the controversy surrounding one of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailers? They digitally removed blood from Hermione's hand. It is amazing sometimes what they find inappropriate.