Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Kelly's Filmy Things #3

"The Day Lee Nelson Hit On Me."

So, the title doesn't seem very film related, and nor is this blog really but I do plan on providing you with at least one filmy thing in this, but mainly this is based on the eventful day I spent in London with Ben Mortimer, journalist by day, creepy ass clown by night.

I came up with a couple of blog ideas on the train (including one on preparing you for the Christmas releases - It's September, I'm allowed to mention the C word)and then we met in Soho, my 2nd home for 6 months on my gap year. I always find it weird walking around there as I used to spend so much time on runs for a post-production company, fetching lunches and tapes, that I never really got to take any of it in. Now, whenever I'm there I feel almost a sense of anxiousness and excitement - Mainly what I lived off of when running was my job.

A joke Ben and I have is that we've got a Haribo engagement so after saying hello, he pulled out a gumy ring! What do you think?

And after receiving a fetching packet of Jammy Dodgers because they are the coolest biscuits, we made our way to the Curzon to watch Tamara Drewe. But it turns out London doesn't like to show the film after realising it wasn't there, or at the Cineworld either. Luckily, Odeon in Leicester Square seemed to only be showing it so we ventured in there.

If you're a film geek, definitely go with another film geek to the cinema. You can piss about whilst the adverts are on, and then guess what film the trailers are showing. I finally saw the new Harry Potter trailer which turned me into the 11 year old I was when it first came to our screens. Can't wait to see Voldemort and Ronald again! And Tamara Drewe was such a fun, free loving British film. I really suggest it to extend the summer out a little bit longer.

After this we roamed around London discovering all sorts of new places, and whilst sitting in Starbucks, as that is what you do in London Ben points out, he receives an email saying Lee Nelson is doing a secret stand up gig in Camden. So obviously we have to go see this up and coming comedian in a small room.

It started by having the compare say I was sexually frustrated (He came to this conclusion because I was hugging a pillow that was on the sofa, meaning I was looking for attention... Hmm) and then Ben thought it would be a good idea to sit right at the front of Lee Nelson's set. So, here we go...
"Did you know there's a party... And it's in my pants... And you're on the guestlist." That was just warming me up for the next couple of lines he thought would be fun to use on me.

After half an hour of some class comedy from him, and me feeling completely embarrassed he ended the show with this:
"Do you give hand jobs to strangers?" to which I replied "Sometimes" and then he said with a baffled look on his face "I've been Lee Nelson, thank you" - Ha. I don't, just in case I need to confirm that as a joke also.

So, we were pretty tired by the end of all this and decided to call it a night. We went our separate ways, and after reading texts from Ben making me laugh like a lonely lunatic on the train and sitting opposite two of the most vile men on Earth who seem to only know the words f**k and c**t, I came home. This is what my bag looked like afterwards, it made me laugh:

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