Sunday, 30 June 2013

The top 8 things a Film Studies student will hear.

To some people, Film Studies is a questionable degree. Maybe because it's arts focused, or maybe because people are a little confused by it, but generally Film Studies students get a hard time.

If you're getting ready to start your Film Studies degree this September, here's the top 8 questions or phrases you will hear.

1. Film Studies isn't a real subject.

Harry Potter Rolling His Eyes

2. So what are you currently filming?

Kicking Camera

3. [In a pub quiz] It's the film round - Kelly, you got this.

Ariel saying no

4. What's that film with the famous guy in?


5. Hey, what's on at the cinema tonight?

Shut up

6. It must be SO HARD sitting around watching films all day.


7. [When talking to any of your extended family] "So, what's your degree going to be in?" "Film Studies." *Vacant stare*


8. You haven't seen The King's Speech?! And you call yourself a Film Studies student...

Shut up

But just remember, at the end of the day...

Haters gonna hate