Saturday, 11 September 2010

September 13th DVD and Blu-Ray Film Releases

Well, we've got some delights in store for us this week! To start off this great list of films it's:

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (dir. Mike Newell, 2010) - Brought to you by Disney, produced by the same people as Pirates of the Caribbean, directed by Newell and stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton and Ben Kingsley to name a few. This is probably one of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters of the year. Plus, being based on a video game and having witty dialogue, high action and special effects bringing the Swords and Sandals genre back to life, the film is going to soar to the top of the charts. Gyllenhaal transformed his body for the role and proved he can play almost any character, as long as he has an attractive co-star to work off of.

Close following this fight filled flick is:

Date Night (dir. Shawn Levy, 2010) - An unusual rom-com based around a typical couple out on their monthly "date night" where they're caught in a bit of a sticky situation after taking someone else's reservation at a table. It's a shame that person's name is on the most wanted list... This is surprisingly action filled with great humour and a cast that work so well off each other. Steve Carell and Tina Fey prove they can bring almost any topic to top levels of comedy, but remain suitable enough for the serious roles. A real fun watch for all the family.

After some silly action, it's down to the more intense themes with:

Unthinkable (dir. Gregor Jordan, 2010) - Working on the fact that there are 3 nuclear bombs placed in 3 cities in America, Henry (Samuel. L. Jackson) has to torture the terrorist Steven (Michael Sheen) to force out of him where these bombs are. You may think this is just another America is great movie, but really is has some flawless acting from Sheen and a topic so sensitive that to base the whole idea of the film around this makes it controversial and therefore an exciting watch. Plus, it's brutal and thrilling making it an all round intense movie.

Moving from scare tactic intense to damn right mind puzzling intense, the next big Blu-Ray release is:

Mulholland Drive (dir. David Lynch, 2001) - Bringing this mind boggling, multiple themed, typical of Lynch film to high definition means we can now sit through and question again what the hell any of it meant. Hopefully this time there will be some clues on the added features or at least a director's commentary, although I'm not sure if that would make it easier or harder to understand coming from one of the most enigmatic film directors out there.

Even more unsettling than this film is the critically accalimed:

Dogtooth (dir. Giorgos Lanthimos, 2009) - Watching the trailer alone will send shivers down your spine, but this sadistic tale of a father who has led his children to live a life with a whole new vocabulary, never allowing them to leave the house will disturb you to your very core. Winning 9 awards, although disgustingly wrong, this film allows you to see the brutality of realism that foreign film provides. With sex as it's main drive of narrative, you can begin to conjure up ideas of where this sickening tale will take you.

On a completely different scale, the last film that should tickle your fancy is:

Kandahar Break (dir. David Whitney, 2009) - A love story turns into a fight when Richard (Shaun Dooley) refuses to let religion come between him and his love in Afganistan. He works as a Mine Clearer Engineer, so similar to The Hurt Locker, the action in this is incredibly unstable meaning one minute you're comfortable and then the next you're left sitting on the edge of your seat. Dooley plays a character very easy to relate with, plus the topic of romance and war coincide together ever so well.

So, it's a mixture of romance, action, confusion and sadistic sex. Oh films, they can take you anywhere... Dogtooth's the one for me this week.

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