Sunday, 26 September 2010

DVD Releases: Monday 27th September


I think the best way to describe this week's releases is "A week of cheese". The films, bar a couple, are pretty tongue in cheek, lets have a bit of fun on a film set, not take the storyline too seriously kind of viewings. But this isn't a bad thing - Everyone needs those guilty pleasures in their collection.

Starting this week's dairy delights off is:

Street Dance 3D (dir. Max Giwa & Dania Pasquini, 2010) - Not your typical stage school addict kids performing what can only be described as incredible body movement performances, this film shows dancing in the highest quality with top acts such as Diversity, Flawless and George Sampson - All from our very own Britain's Got Talent. Plus, having this feature in 3D makes the choreography even more eye-popping and unbelievable.

The next to carry on the not so serious tale telling is:

Death At A Funeral (dir. Neil LaBute, 2010) - Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Danny Glover? Yeah, this isn't going to be particularly thought provoking. A film based around the horrific death of a family member, but resulting in a very funny turn of events that are ludicrous yet entertaining all in one over dramatic, comedy feature based at a funeral. James Marsden also pops up just to add another series of laughs into this story, and Zoe Saldana plays the beautiful lead... Everything you need for a Saturday film!

One more movie just to make sure you're overdosed on cheese is:

She's Out of my League (dir. Jim Field Smith, 2010) - Another American teen Rom-Com which shows the tale of a "geek" falling in love with the most popular girl around. Confused and dazed Kirk (Jay Baruchel) can't work out why Molly (Alice Eve) is interested in him, but he doesn't mind too much. Predictable, silly and nothing special... This is the formula so many Hollywood producers love!

Breaking away from this streak of perfect films to accompany Nachos is:

The Killer Inside Me (dir. Michael Winterbottom, 2010) - Probably one of the most sexy thrillers you'll see this year, the story is of a man so obsessed by the act of killing he needs no reason to murder innocent people. With Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson playing key roles to this tale so scary it's hard to watch, your eyes will be glued to the screen but not because you want to, because you don't want to look anywhere else.

One more to add to the serious side of life is:

Bad Lieutenant (dir. Werner Herzog, 2010) - A story about a man who goes from being the most respected police officer around, to discovering a new lease of life by living on the darker side of things. You may think that because it stars Nicolas Cage it's not going to be the greatest of all, but really he shows a deeper level to his acting. Playing the eccentric type suits him well, so this is a perfect watch for that. Plus, Xzibit shows off a bit of his acting side too!

So, this week you've either got serious issues in keeping your attention span on the screen, or quite an intense watch which means your eyes still may sway from watching... Good luck!

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