Friday, 1 October 2010

Kelly's Filmy Things #4

"The Day I Collected My London Film Festival Press Pass"

Blogomatic3000 gave me the chance to cover The London Film Festival AND I AM! It's absolutely crazy right now with things happening in my career. This year has really been a boost for me to figure out what I want to do when I finish my Film Degree - Break into the Journalism world, of course. So based in the BFI on Southbank (only my favourite place in London) the LFF happens once a year, and starts on 13th October until the end of the month. But before it all kicks off, screenings of films are given to the press to let them have a jump start at writing some articles.

FYI, don't drink irresponsibly, have 4 hours sleep, travel 45 minutes in the car, 40 minutes on the train and 10 minutes on the tube - It does your head a world of pain. Nevertheless, I reach Southbank as it starts pouring down with rain (a common theme in these stories) and find my guru Monty who guides me on anything to do with film. Seriously, I'd be lost without him... Mentally and physically. He introduces me to the lovely Guy and Matt who are in competition with Hemanth, who saw 93 films last year, in how many they'll see this year. Considering the festival runs for 3 weeks, 93 is quite a monumental number, don't you think?! Good luck to them...

After a little chat we bump into HeyUGuys editor Jon who is literally the best person to seek advice or knowledge on film. After he efficiently sends me through the roof with excitement about collecting my press pass, we walk to our destination for the screening of The American - George Clooney's new blockbuster. When I spot the desk where I see passes scattered across it, I hastily walk towards it.

Here it is:

Yes I have covered the ID photo with the lanyard. It's not the most attractive picture of me, so for now you can read the information and deal with my vainness.

Once we have our cards scanned and head into the cinema we find out IT'S FULL. No screening for us... So Monty, Jon and I head up to the swanky BFI bar to enjoy the drinks there and discuss all sorts of matters to do with the movie world. It's great to be a film geek and not be judged.

We head back downstairs for the last screening which we happily are allowed into, and it was a curious French film called Living On Love Alone. Now, I do enjoy a bit of le cinéma français parce qu'il est bien agi et vrai (that's right), but this one seemed a little lifeless and hard to connect with. It did however keep me entertained for 90 minutes... That may well have been me still fuelled with excitement though.

After this, I catch the train home and am reunited with my pink glitter walls and giant flower mirror. I have a lovely evening with the 'rents and tell them to stop watching Robin Hood. And finally, I find out The American has an added screening in a couple of weeks...

Privileged, I am.

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