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DVD Releases: Monday 20th September

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This week we're going from hardcore action, intense horror to down right cheesy galore. Something for everyone, you could say! Staring off this week's selection is:

Robin Hood (dir. Ridley Scott, 2010) - This tale of the story before Robin Hood became the thief everybody loves is an alternative look at the character we seem to have witnessed so much about. Showing us how he came to be the person he is in the tale we know now, the story seems weak and almost an excuse to have a period action film starring Russell Crowe as an aggressive lead. He himself is the only redeeming factor, but if you love fights and gore, this will be right up your street. This ain't your Disney tale...

Speaking of Disney, our next big release is:

Camp Rock 2 (dir. Paul Hoen, 2010) - Yes, you read that right... There's a 2nd one. Starring a similar cast to the first including The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, this film screams the whole stage school, young romance, attractive teen Disney so love to throw in our face at the minute. Perfect for young girls who love the band, or for children who just like to sing along to the songs, it's a real kid's favourite.

What isn't going to be a kid's favourite is:

Rec 2 (dir. Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza, 2009) - Revisiting the same sort of tale as the first film, this Spanish sensation of a horror is sure to shock your very core. If you've seen the first, it's probably not going to have as much effect as the first because you've witnessed the marvel of the realistic handheld camera work and acting. But if it is your first time watching this horrifying thrilling story, you won't be sleeping for weeks.

Another world cinema film that you should look out for is:

Mother (dir. Joon-ho Bong, 2009) - Korean cinema is always so brutal and truthful, and this film is no different. Mother shows us what a woman will do for her son if they get in trouble. A brutal murder has taken place and the son is accused of the act. Not wanting to let him be imprisoned, the mother has to come to the decision on what to do. A thrilling tale with some superb acting.

Going from Foreign cinema to Hollywood mainstream, the next on our list is:

The Ghost Writer (dir. Roman Polanski, 2010) - With Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor playing characters from a popular novel, this tale is about a ghost writer who is documenting the memoirs of the former UK Prime Minister. But it all turns a bit sinister when he finds out that a previous ghost writer had a "fatal accident". Seeming a little dry, this film is probably good enough to be rented, maybe not to be bought though...

And finally, another one good for renting, just, is:

The Backup Plan (dir. Alan Poul, 2o10) - A predictable rom-com starring Jennifer Lopez as a 21st Century woman who doesn't let people into her life easily. She's pretty broody so has a baby artificially inseminated, but then meets the man of her dreams... What are the odds?!

So, with all this choice you better get going!

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