Sunday, 26 September 2010

What will Harry and the gang do next?!

With the first part of the final instalment to the Harry Potter film series soon to grace our presence (Released 19th November, 2010) I was left wondering, what will they do next? We've watched these characters grow from innocent school children to national Hollywood glamourous stars over the past 10 years. It's a huge part of their life and ours, so the next step they take will determine so much for them.

Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) has blossomed into one of the most stylish stars we see on our screen. With a huge interest in the fashion world, she is likely to continue the course of looking gorgeous on the red carpet and making an impact with her statement outfits. If we take a look at the places she's appeared in (Vogue, Elle, Burberry) she's creating a huge name for herself. She is also starting an eco-friendly clothing range called "People Tree" in which she wants to make people more aware of fashion in an ethical sense. This is likely to take focus on her life now, and the acting will come later. She voiced the character Princess Pea in The Tale of Desperaux, and played in a TV drama named "Ballet Shows" so she's obviously testing different ways in which to take her career, but for now Harry Potter is her biggest role.

Rupert Grint (Ronald Weasley) seems to have taken a much more indie route in his life. During the filming of the Harry Potter films, he featured in some niche type of dramas that had quite a risqué topic. Cherrybomb, about a group of teens who go on a weekend of mayhem with lots of drink, drugs and more illegal activities, and Wild Target focusing on a young apprentice who works for a hit man are to name two from this interesting topic of films he's focusing on. Looking at other work he does, British cinema tends to be his focus so maybe he will be bringing us some very unique roles in his career. Ron was a step in the right direction for him because he can be humorous, emotional and charming all in one, showing just how talented he is.

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is the main man so he bares the burden of a career in roles that he'll never be able to fully give because everyone sees him as the most powerful magician and nothing else. HOWEVER, as we all know he stripped on stage in the West-End show Equus, and he seems to favour this route. The Woman in Black is turning into a film in which Radcliffe will be playing Arthur Kipps, the lead. And moving more into these artistic roles he will be playing Dan Eldon which is an English Photographer in The Journey Is The Destination. So maybe this guy's going to be the low key one out of all three.

Funny how things turn out...

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