Thursday, 2 September 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - 2nd Review!

For Newmanfilms:

There really is only one word to use to describe this film, and as American as it is, that word is AWESOME! Now, I realise that you’ll need more than one word to get a full understanding of this film, but just keep in mind that awesome is the main essence this film gives off. That, and it being a totally effort filled performance on the acting, editing and direction of this film.

Edgar Wright, director of this geek-chic indie film has put his heart and soul into the creation of this movie. From the publicity to the final product, this film oozes nerdiness in a way which makes it cool. It’s like watching a real life game and reading a comic at the same time. Now, this may not sound appealing to you if you’re not into these sorts of things but here’s why you should be appealed. The way it approaches fight scenes is flawless. Taking the aspects of comic books by including words like “pow” and “thump” on screen as the characters hit each other brings us something not quite been done to this effect before. By having an uber cool soundtrack included during the fight scenes, and generally as non-diegetic music to the film means it’s an easy listen. And finally by adding the finishing touches such as little character profiles appearing on screen each time a new cast member is introduced means you’re left wondering what little detail have been left out?! Your eyes are fascinated by these products of imagination all floating out of Wright’s mind, leaving yours to be completely blown.

In terms of the acting, well you’re not disappointed at all. Michael Cera, man of the moment, brings Scott Pilgrim alive with witty, silly humour and an infectious type of arrogant yet venerable personality. Mary Elizabeth Winstead turns Ramona Flowers into an irresistible character that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Although, this could turn into another Team Edward/Jacob situation as Knives (Ellen Wong) is adorable. She really brings this film to life with her stalker, needy kick-ass personality. And even the background characters such as Pilgrim’s housemate, his sister and his band mates are all just as endearing to watch on screen, and funny. This film produces such a varied sort of humour it’s likely to tickle anyone watching. As for the 7 evil exes, well, making a new situation with fights topping each other on action 7 times is a hard task well done. The exes, including a film star, lesbian and twins, all create their own presence on screen which becomes even more revolting than the last to watch. All you want to do is watch Scott beat them with his wicked, game style fighting.

To top this film off, the storyline is really enjoyable. Not only do you watch Scott Pilgrim attempt to defeat the exes, but you really connect with the relationship between him and Ramona. Plus, he’s in a battle of the band which means you’re given a sub-plot to move the film along. It’s a very clever, cool and up to date superhero movie that is something your eyes have never seen before.

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