Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bruno ***

If, like some of us, you are not a fan of Borat or Ali G, I most certainly wouldn't see this film. It's the usual cringe worthy, offensive, almost too controversial to put on screen images and dialogue you'll see. But with that in mind, this is why Sasha Baron Cohan is so popular.

He's excellent at creating these characters. He never falls from that particular person's persona, and keeps to the point the whole way through his films. You see the antics he gets himself in, real or made up, and all you can do is laugh because it's that bad. Or you might just want to walk out... But all in all, Bruno certainly delivers the scenes you almost have to turn your head away from.

The whole cinema was inhaling with disbelief, and laughing at scenes that in any reality would be front page news. You find yourself watching most of the film with your hands over your mouth just to keep you from screaming at the situations. One that particularly sits in your mind is the gay sex scene - graphic, hardcore and totally, totally over-exaggerated.

Although Borat wasn't one of my favourite films, this isn't as good as it. Probably because Borat was fresh and a totally revolutionary way of making a film. Bruno sits in that same category but just doesn't deliver the same quality of humour as the previous. There aren't many quotable scenes which you and all your friends can impersonate. Plus everything just seems completely over the top. But if you just want to watch people embarrass themselves it's totally up your alley.

It is quite humiliating to watch these so called true scenes, and see how these poor expectant people react to them. It's very clever in a way that you can't quite tell which is serious and which is made up. Everyone involved is either a great actor, completely oblivious to the whole situation or just mad. With these revolving factors, it adds up to one engaging film because you really do just want to see how they will react.

This film is an 18 for a reason. Anyone younger would probably just be disturbed, not understand or be totally confused by the whole experience. I have to say, I think anyone will come out in this state of mind anyway. It's too much like real life to be a certificate any lower. This film was almost given an R rating - The highest certificate you can give. If that doesn't give you some indication of how absurd this film is, I don't know what will!

So, if this has at all interested you say 'Hey!' to Bruno. If it hasn't, then well, you're probably like me and never want to watch it again. But all in all, it's an entertaining film.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince **

Do you remember that feeling of coming out of the cinema after seeing a Harry Potter film, it being right near Christmas and all you felt was excitement for the festive season? Well, that's completely lost in this film. It was clearly meant to be released during the winter season. It's quite dark, looks cold and there are Christmas scenes. It's a shame because when you're watching it now, it just makes you chilly. I guess you'll return to that feeling when the DVD is released near Christmas. That's just one thing wrong with it.

Another factor that makes this film slightly disappointing is the fast that nothing happens. Apart from one main character dying (which isn't exactly heartbreaking), it's all based around little witty remarks, or plot line developments that are preparing us for the final novel, split into two films. The relationship building in this isn't subtle at all, and you can clearly guess how the last film is going to end due to this. However, it is fun to see these adolescent characters going into the 'interested in girls' stage. It's nice to have a bit of romance in this quirky little magician film.

And we are reunited with our favourite people like Luna Lovegood, or Hagrid. It's all the attention to detail in their personalities that makes Harry Potter especially good, as well as the mise-en-scene being brilliantly creative. There is a London scene which is particularly enjoyable - It almost had a Michael Bay effect with all the destruction! Just think of his destroying mind and a few magic spells. You result with a relatively short scene that's quite fun and memorable to watch.

Ron Weasley remains his endearing self, with Hermione Granger keeping her smart little brain intact. It's so fun to see how all of these characters have developed through the 6 films produced. They've become stronger as the series has gone on, and this is quite evident in the film now. They know how to work on the traits that people love just to keep them satisfied.

I would suggest watching the previous film before entering the cinema to watch The Half Blood Prince. It's been so long since we've seen a Harry Potter film that you just need to be refreshed with what's going on, because it literally just carries on from the last scene in the previous film.

This was nowhere near as exciting as the films before, it's just giving us an indication of what's to come. Although some of the indication is quite obvious, (especially if you're good at guessing the narrative of a film) it definitely does keep you wanting more of Harry. Don't expect to be too astounded by this because it's nothing special. It's just a link to the final two movies. I would say it's good for all audiences. There are a couple of bits that might make you scared, if you are particularly prone to that, but overall it's a good family film if you've like Potter and his magic ways all this time.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Good Morning, Vietnam ***

Robin Williams, what a little character he is. Imagine him being an actual radio presenter, that would be brilliant. In this film he is, and he does it with great popularity. He has witty one liners, a friendly and giving manner, along with a childish personality that's quite endearing. And with Forest Whitaker playing an almost guidance figure, you couldn't ask for two better main characters.

I wouldn't necessarily say this is a comedy, it's just naturally light hearted with a good few laughs spread throughout. It has it's serious side too, focusing around the devastating effects wars have on a community. There is just something missing, and I can't quite put my finger on it.

This is definitely a film you could watch over and over again, if you like Robin William's trademark of impressions and quick talk. But there's nothing too solid about the storyline. Although it does pick up on the serious side of life in a war, it doesn't do it with much success to actually make you feel bad. It's more focused on the soldiers and community enjoying the spirit of this new face - Which isn't a bad thing. Who wants to feel depressed once you've finished watching a film?

And the soundtrack is great. Many rock and roll numbers which make you wanna jump from your seat. Maybe you could just buy the soundtrack? It includes his radio broadcasts as well as the fantastic songs to listen to.

I would say you should watch this film, because you've probably heard a lot of people quote 'Gooooooooooooood morrrning Vietnaaaaaam!' which you do hear numerous times throughout, and it's probably one of Robin William's best performances. The film also looks as if it's set on location, so all the more realism as well! It's always a plus to actually believe what you're seeing on screen. Added to that, there are a lot of memorable scenes that you will think back to - The classroom, the first broadcast, the game at the end. Just wait, you'll see.

You can connect with the chirpy characters, and happily go along for the ride with them. Just don't expect to feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end. You're almost left hanging and wanting more. But it's just the right length for a good evening in front of the telly. Just have fun and enjoy what's being given to you!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Public Enemies ****

This illicit action packed drama can leave you feeling either one of two things - You love it or you hate it. Personally, I feel this film is great. Although it does drag a bit, and the storyline is kind of repetitive, the micro details this film provides is wonderful. The costumes the characters wear, the guns they use, the cars they drive, the locations in which this film is shot in; it's excellent.

And of course, Johnny Depp is outstanding. He's cool, exciting, an icon. Many people have debated the fact that this is just another film glamorising a criminal, and it really does. But even so, he can just take a character and make that film solely dependant on whoever it is. You become caught up in his life, especially the love between him and Billie (played by Marion Cotillard). It really is a true love story showing this criminal's caring, attentive and frankly over protective side. Although Edward Scissorhands creates an almost poignant feel towards his acting abilities in love, the relationship between these two is way up their in his top love stories.

You may gain a sense of catharsis when you hear Christian Bale's acting, taking you back to the Batman movies. His voice sometimes slips into tight suit and mask mode, meaning his husky tones can be quite hard to understand. Nonetheless, he plays his part just as well, giving a tone of desperation in finding John Dillinger (Johnny Depp).

The seminal use of editing in this film is by no means good. The transition from one camera to the another can sometimes be a bit too obvious, and some scenes you can clearly see the use of sets, and the sound can become a little undefined, but this doesn't mean it is unpleasant to watch or to listen to. It's a proper 1930s gangster film for this modern audience. We haven't got men dressed in tracksuits, in too noisy to listen to cars. We've got smart looking men and women, listening to very appropriate music and drinking to enjoy rather than to get drunk. This is what a gangster film should look like. No one is seen taking an unbelievable amount of drugs, they all seem proper - Which could be why this film is so fun to watch, because it's so unexpected.

There are moments of gun shots that make you jump, the action is constant throughout, with a good amount of dialogue too. It is a good film, despite what you may have read. You just need to stay focused and enjoy what's being provided, rather than expecting a huge production for a film set in the 1930s. Films Depp are in tend to be quite slow, when he is the main character, as well. It's just the fact that he's so good at creating these characters that people have become so caught up in his world. They expect more, when actually he's providing everything an audience needs.

I can imagine this film would be just as good to watch on DVD, but go to the cinema anyway, it's a good 2 and a half hours of entertainment.