Sunday, 3 October 2010

Back to the Future Remastered Review *****

Ever wondered why the boy band McFly chose that as their name? Were you slightly confused as to why Total Film caused a whole lot of talk when they published a fake picture with dates taken from a film? Back to the Future is why. This classic 80s story about a mad scientist who discovers a time travelling machine has been brought back to cinemas for a short time to coincide with the release of all 3 films on Blu-Ray on 25th October. To make things even better, the film has a totally new look, being digitally remastered to give every detail of the picture even more definition.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Steven Spilberg, this movie is still as exciting, funny and clever as it was when it came to cinemas in 1985. Having the chance to see it on the big screen is something special. Not only are you surrounded by lovers of the film when it was first released, the film is now capturing a whole new audience. As soon as the titles began the audience started clapping and cheering, just proving how well loved this tale still is. And there are plenty of reasons why this classic was and is so successful.

To start off with, you have a brilliant cast. Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox epitomises the rebel teen with a comic edge to keep him just the right amount of cheeky before he becomes obnoxious. Crispin Glover plays George McFly, Marty's Dad, who is just so adorably weak, when the hero tale comes forward all you want to do is cheer for happiness. Thomas F. Wilson plays Biff, the typical jock who's a huge bully and really easy to dislike. And of course we have the adored Christopher Lloyd playing Dr. Emmett Brown. His eccentricity, excitement for life and loveable personality is the perfect combination to keep him entertaining and a mad scientist. And they all play their parts perfectly. No one is out of place, even when they're taken back in time to the 50s, the personalities there are just how you would imagine them to be.

Another reason is the special effects. For the time, this kind of idea was so hard to put across because the computer graphics were just not up to scratch. But from when we see the car first leave our screens to when we see it fly, the images are brilliant. We watch this time travelling sports car become something of an icon in cinema, and now with the remastered work, the picture is perfect; It looks like a brand new film. Obviously we still have 80s-tastic hair and fashion, but that's always going to be in our hearts fondly. You're going to want to get out and buy some Nike trainers, for sure.

The most important reason this film has become what it is today is because of the story. It is technically perfect in terms of a classic Hollywood way of telling a tale. Every little inch of the plot has been cleverly thought out, with key props being placed on the screen, ingenious dialogue references and a perfect beginning, middle and end. It's cathartic and heart-warming, fast paced and original with all the characters you need. There's nothing placed in this movie that isn't needed. It's all there to make the experience of watching the film as believable as it can possibly be.

It really is a one of the most fun experiences watching this film. Buy your tickets this week to go, because it's not often you get to watch a unique, true Hollywood blockbuster on the big screen with a crisp picture once it's been past the first release date. Taken straight from the 80s and brought into the 21st Century, it's amazing how this film hasn't aged... Almost as if it time travelled.

Here's a fun little video from Biff doing a song about Back to the Future:

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