Saturday, 9 October 2010

Kelly's Filmy Things #5

"The Day I Got 10,000 Views On My Blog!"

So today, precisely 17 months and 16 days after I posted the very first review on The Film Obsession, I have reached a huge number of views - 10,000! This may seem relatively small in terms of what blogs can get, but it's just such an amazing achievement. I adore writing and am obsessed by film so to have this support is incredible. I've been meaning to show my appreciation for a certain number of people, and now seems like the best time.

I wouldn't be doing any of this if it weren't for my Media and Film teachers at school, particularly Justin Young and Jenna Wyatt. They are probably the best kind of people you can have to teach you. They really inspired me to do what I wanted to do. Justin even convinced me to go to University when I wasn't fussed! Now I'm studying Film there, crazy.

Romesh Ranganathan has always seemed so happy to read my reviews. I used to bring them to him once they'd been published in The Crawley Observer - He gave me the idea for the Star Ratings on them, and also announced I was doing them in assembly. Him and Mark Lotsu, who would always try and make me watch any Sci-Fi, action, superhero film possible, I loved hearing their reactions.

Andrew Sinsbury ALWAYS without fail comments on a post. It's so nice to have his kind words. And for everyone from Hazelwick who reads them now, people at Sussex University, colleagues, family and random people on the Internet from countries I never knew could read this blog until recently, thank you. You honestly have no idea how much you mean to me. I know this is like an Oscar speech, but I feel so immensely humble at the idea of having 10,000 views, it's ridiculous.

The websites started off my ambition to write online, and now have sent me to some of the most exciting things I've ever experienced including the Scott Pilgrim press screening and The London Film Festival. It's unreal the amount of luck I have when it comes to Filmy Things and I just can't get enough of it.
Thanks to Ben who's helped me through all these daunting journalist activities every step of the way also.

JJ, Charlie, Adam, Scott and Tom - You're always the first to know when something's happened to me and you're always there receiving my screams of excitement and tales of craziness. You've given me confidence when I've needed it, humour to strive off of and supported me endlessly.

To have almost 200 people liking the Facebook group, have all sorts of people from the film world follow me on Twitter and to have so many weird and wonderful comments left on my YouTube page just shows if you love something, do it! I mean, if I of all people can have as much success in doing something I enjoy, get to experience the things I am and meet so many wonderful people along the way, why shouldn't you?

There's SO many people I'd like to mention but just can't - That in itself is something I'll appreciate forever, the endless encouragement from you.


  1. Well done! Looking forward to reading many more articles- hope your second and third year Uni work doesn't take up too much of your time! (Maybe the blog could count as extra credit?)
    Not sure about the link to my blog though- think I might have to add a few posts!

  2. Congrats Kelly - this post is one of many reasons people come to this site. Keep up the great work -and come up to the festival this week - should be a lot of excellent films playing.

  3. Congrats Kelly! That's fantastic news. So pleased you love what you're doing so much.

    Keep it up and next stop, 100 000!!