Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim - The Website

To add to the coolness that oozes from every inch of this film, after going on the Scott Pilgrim website (www.scottpilgrimthemovie.com), you receive a breath of fresh air as unlike many film websites it really captures the essence that the film has from the 8-bit technology to old school background music. Rather than just showing a few trailers and the posters surrounding the movie, it offers you things.

You can become a character in the film. What more could you want? It provides a rating for you and includes your name and age. Here's my character, I've always wanted green hair:

What really amazed me was the interactive trailer though - http://www.scottpilgrimthemovie.com/itrailer/ You can click ANYWHERE and it will provide all sorts of juicy information from shooting locations to the actors in question on screen. This is so inventive and produces your inner geek to come crying out at you.

And I'm assuming you like to get free things right? Well, why not download the iPhone app that works on both the iPhone and Ipad. Plus, get a free ringtone as well! You can have quotes from the film that are sure to amuse you for months. Have them as your message tone, it will totally confuse everyone around you. It also shows you where to buy the soundtrack and where you can buy tickets for screenings.

Hold on a minute, this isn't even the website. When you press "Enter the website" it takes you on a whole new adventure. With epic background theme music, you can explore the relationships between the different characters, watch different trailers, look at photos and what video blogs. You can understand the story and read professional notes on all the work gone into this film.

Really, get yourself onto this website. You're in for a treat!

(If you leave the website for too long without doing anything, see what little screen pops up)

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