Saturday, 21 August 2010

Chat Roulette gets it's Last Exorcism

For Blogomatic3000 -

You’ve probably seen viral videos on YouTube or RudeTube where adverts are actually advertising a product, but they film it on a low budget camera that makes them look a hell of a lot more realistic, thus giving them a huge appeal to internet video watchers. You’ve also probably heard of the little website called Chat Roulette – a website where anyone with a camera can connect to anyone else on a camera in a much (unwanted) intimate way.

Well, the lastest viral to hit Chat Roulette like a brick hitting the ground is for the new film The Last Exorcism. The film, which is released in the UK on September 3rd, is the tale of a minister carrying out his last exorcism through the eyes of a documentary maker – so you can expect lots of handheld camera and dodgy angles to impair our view and make us that more scared.

This video from Chat Roulette shows what seems to be a very attractive woman happily pleasing the men’s requests to strip… But boy, did they not want to see this…

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