Friday, 13 August 2010

Kelly's Filmy Things #1

"My First Press Screening"

As you may know, on 12th August at 6.30pm I went to the Press Screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for Blogomatic3000 held at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square. This is the tale of the day...

After having a minor heart attack realising almost no printer in my house had ink, apart from the last one I tried which allowed me to suck it's very last juicy bits out to print off the e-tickets to the event, I made my way to London. I literally was about ready to burst with excitement but I got there about 45 mins early as I was meeting JJ at 6.15, so I went and had a brownie and drink at Pret and made a few notes. I love turning into a Londoner every time I'm up there.

After my heart almost stopping a 2nd time as JJ didn't get there until half 6, and I'm usually very annoyingly (or efficiently) early, we made our way to the most beautiful cinema I have ever been in. We handed over our tickets to the people on the door and then surrounded ourselves with critics and fans all Twittering on their iPhones, iPads and Blackberry's. Plus, we all got free popcorn, so there was a lot of muching on that too before the film even started. As we were trying to spot the celebrities, the lights in the cinema were subtly changing creating such an easy atmosphere, and the seating reclined making you feel perfectly at home. The picture just shows how glorious the cinema really was... And how huge! We were half way back!

When the film actually started, they showed a trailer... But not just ANY trailer, a trailer for BACK TO THE FUTURE REMASTERED coming to cinemas in October. A room full of professional film reviewers all reduced to children screaming and clapping as this crisp looking film brought excitement to our very eyes! And when Scott Pilgrim started, people clapped! They clapped at the end too! This is surprising for a room full of movie goers that see films everyday. It shows just how moving this film really was. We were laughing throughout and I heard people saying how truly original it was. A few admittedly didn't enjoy it as apparently it doesn't live up to the comics or Hot Fuzz, but I for one thought it was probably the best film of the summer. Big statement considering Inception and Toy Story 3 have been hot topics... Oh, and The Human Centipede.

Afterwards, JJ and I met with the guys from who I have been dying to meet for so long. We found a quirky little pub and had a few drinks and discussed the industry. They're truly lovely and I really hope we get to meet again soon. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've probably seen I've written for them, that's how I know them! That and Tweeting. We also met a few news faces which I am now following on Twitter... What a great tool.

When we left, I got offered the chance to be a prostitute for JJ as he needed to pee so thought it would be best to go down an alley way. When actually, we sneaked into another pub and used the facilities there... To pee, not for me to be a prostitute. And then we got the train home! To top it all off, I saw a shooting star. What a truly perfect evening...

It's a surreal feeling fulfilling a dream you've had for a while. Mine being going to a press screening and having a review published. It's just amazing and something I'll never forget.


  1. It was great to meet you too Kelly, I loved your write up of the event, having become accustomed to these screenings, which are a privilege, your article really bought it back to me - all the excitement and fun that can be had. Hope to meet you and JJ again very soon, hopefully at the LFF?

    Great job on the SP review too,

    See you soon,


  2. I remember my first press screening. I was and still am extremely blasé about it. It's probably because I get embarrassed talking about blog-related stuff. I don't think the blank stares help.

    Anyway, I'm glad you had a brilliant time and am jealous seeing as I might not see Scott Pilgrim for quite some time with my MSc thesis deadline looming.

    Oh and I think I've met a couple of the HeyUGuys team (sadly not Jon as far as I remember) but Dave is certainly a mighty fine chap. Hopefully we can all meet up for a drink sometime.

  3. Jon, I'm glad my over excitement caused you to get excited all over again! It was such a great atmosphere in there. The only other film I have been in with an audience who has been half as giddy was the New Moon audience full of teen girls! I'll definitely try and be at the LFF. It'd be great experience. Thanks for the compliment too =] Speak soon x

    Sam, drinks should definitely be on the cards. Imagine what fun could be had! Hope the deadline goes well for you. See Scott Pilgrim as quickly as possible! x

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