Saturday, 21 August 2010

Save the UK Film Council

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As you may have heard, the government – in a plot to save money – announced on July 26th the plans to abolish the UK Film Council. Since then the uproar of fans all around the world have pleaded for this not to happen, and I’m sure you too still would love the British goodness that comes from this agency. Films such as London to Brighton, Girl with a Pearl Earring, This is England and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People are just a few of the gems that have come from the funding this council provides. It encourages film makers from this country to be involved in a cinema that’s so truth telling and real. It makes you proud of the achievement the UK can create, and brings millions upon millions of viewers an entertainment so hard to find in any other country due to its unique nature of storytelling and cinematography.

Backers of the protesters to save the council include Steven Spielberg, Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt – All well respected individuals in the industry. Over 50,000 people have “liked” the group to save the council on Facebook showing the enormity of love this government funded agency has.

If you want to help, it’s simple. Head to this page: – You can “like” the group and sign the official petition. British cinema deserves a good name and the UK Film Council has provided this so far, why stop now?

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