Thursday, 22 July 2010

Night Before The Wedding **** (Preview Review for Film Courage)

This is kind of like watching a more sadistic version of The Hangover; which isn't a bad thing at all. Directed beautifully by David Branin, this film is slow yet packs a powerful punch in terms of its narrative, acting ability and cinematography. And being that this was promoted highly at the Hollyshorts Film Festival, it looks as if other film fan thought exactly the same!

From beginning to end, we are always kept with an unsettling feeling within us. Maybe due to the lack of music, or maybe because the topics discussed are controversial, you never feel relaxed watching this feature, but this just keeps you enticed. Focused around the story of William (John Keating)on his final night of freedom before he ties the knot, his friend Bronco (Gregor Collins) throws him a party he'll never forget (but wishes he could) that includes a very interesting Pizza Man and porn stars. This probably sounds like every guy's perfect stag do, but poor William certainly doesn't approve.

The character profiles are very well established as soon as we meet them. We know from the high class acting who we can trust, who we're a little be scared of and who's the stupid one. It has everyone you need to create a perfect story. The cast work very well off each other and play their parts almost flawlessly which just adds to the feature as a whole.

The filming has obviously had a lot of care taken over it, and every scene seems to be what you would find in any Hollywood production on our screens. It flows perfectly in terms of the editing and has an interesting twist as the soundtrack gives us no indication how to feel, we're simply left to our own devices on what to think of every situation. Plus, interesting focuses and draw backs make it particularly intriguing as it is done on a slow pace which draws your eye to every detail.

Along with this, the story is slow and some scenes do seem a little drawn out, but you do gain a sense of connection from this. We're not hyping up the situation with glamorous huge settings or things blowing up, we're in one house with everything being taken into account. There's a peculiar piece of pornographic art on the wall which seems to fit perfectly with the film.

Speaking of, yes we see weed, vivid sex sequences and a lot of alcohol being consumed. It's telling the truth, or possibly a fantasy, of every guy's mind and what goes on in it. It doesn't lie about being conserved, it delves straight into the action and captures you off-guard, packing that punch I mentioned before. It also ends with no real sense of fulfilment which it great. It breaks down that barrier of making everything perfect and leaves you there standing.

A little bit shocking, a little bit fun and overall an intriguing watch. If you get a chance, go and experience something a little bit wrong and right!

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