Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day and Night Pixar Short (For www.blogomatic3000.com)

Don’t be getting the name of this short confused with the future box office hit Knight and Day starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz… This probably has a lot more credibility, but I’m not judging, of course.

Day and Night sees the tale of two blob shaped characters with the adorable Disney eyes and movement giving away their personality. But what’s different about these little critters is that they express themselves through nature’s noises and images. With a black screen and only these two characters showing how they feel through, for example, images of ducks quacking to show laughter, the imagination gone into this is incredible.

It’s completely an original idea and stands miles ahead from the other loveable Pixar Shorts we so look forward to when we go and watch a new Disney film. For starters, to use natures noises and no dialogue as a form of telling the audience how the characters feel is brilliant. It shows how even a few images can make a universal audience feel connected to the character.

Their relationship blossoms from us seeing “Day”, being introduced to “Night” and seeing how they discover the wonders that their communication can create. It makes you laugh, feel delighted in the short story and really captures your imagination. It is enigmatic at first as well, because we aren’t offered the name of the feature until the end, leaving you to decipher what’s happening making it that all the more intriguing to stay tuned into.

In terms of the animation, this is beautiful. The idea of having a black screen, only to see the images through the blob’s bodies and to see when they connect it can bring the same image into a different light is fascinating. The dance in particular is quite a spectacle for the eyes when they intertwine their bodies and images that they’re creating. Seeing Las Vegas through Day’s body in natural light, and then Night showing Las Vegas in full colour with its glamorous appeal was a particular favourite.

A completely spellbinding short that Pixar have yet again made audiences feel amazed over. This is a far step from the bouncing lamp and will definitely be one of the highlights in editing history.

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