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The Human Centipede - Disburbingly wrong or grossly right? (For

The idea of The Human Centipede to some would seem completely enticing. It’s a horror film taking every aspect of the sick and tormented ideas that made this genre to a whole new level of gruesome. But to any other viewers of this film, it would seem insanely messed up and completely unnecessary. It’s caused all sorts of arguments among critics, fans and the general public as to why this film has even been made, and why there is a second one coming to our screens. Specialist cinemas in the UK are showing one off nights for people wanting to put themselves through the torment, so is it wrong or right that we’re witnessing this sadistic film?

If you look at it on the one hand, for years these types of films have been circulating our production companies and every now and again they cause a fuss with the public. Remember the video nasties from the 80s including Last House on the Left or I Spit On Your Grave which have now been remade? Tabloids all over were blaming violent acts caused by teenagers on these films. They claimed they were ruining youth, and the film council banned all sorts of twisted film ideas. But they had a cult audience, and it is this audience that are fueling the market for these types of films now. Without them, the very popular FrightFest wouldn’t take place in London every year. Without them, the horrors that appeal to the masses wouldn’t exist. As long as you look at these films without a serious point, you can enjoy them. They’re over the top gore that put the unimaginable on the screen. These films are designed to make you squirm in your seat from disgust, but they’re also designed to intrigue you and keep you on the edge of your seat. The Human Centipede offers an idea so disgusting that you’re completely and utterly compelled to watch, as long as you favour this type of story.

If you don’t, it’s a whole other tale. When you take a step back and really look at the stylistic point, it’s basically glamourising the idea of torture. It almost makes it seem sexy as the cast are attractive and the plot tends to lean towards a more porn style cheesy narrative than a serious feature film does. The film also seems very sexist in terms of the narrative as the women are shown to be weak and loose making them the easy-go, stupid types perfect for the man to dominate and gain power. And when you bring in the idea of making a human centipede by attaching their mouth to the other end of another person, it makes you want to be sick at the thought. Your mind begins to wonder at the possibility of this happening, and at this point this is when audiences become agitated at the themes behind the film.

But again, it’s all fictional. None of this happens so whether it’s wrong or right, the fact is it’s all made for entertainment. It clearly has a market because it’s got a lot of people fascinated by the attention it’s received, making them want to see the film even more. Wrong or right… You decide.

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