Monday, 5 July 2010

Daybreakers **

Once you've gotten over the fact that blood rules this film, all that is left is a poor, unoriginal storyline with unconvincing special effects and characters that really aren't inspiring. Yes, this is what happens when Twilight meets Dracula - A messy emotional narrative with gore and guts at it's up most importance.

This could have had the potential to be a brilliant film. It's set in 2019, so rather than having a period type drama involving the vampire legend, we're offered a modern twist to the tale by vampires having taken over humanity and are now on the verge of being horrible monsters as humans are becoming extinct. Original you may think, but once you begin to understand the main drive this film has, all it is doing is repeating the same patterns we have seen time and time again. Edward, the lead vampire in this film played by Ethan Hawke is the one audiences relate to as he's the good guy. We have the inevitable blood obsessed, human killing vampire Charles (Sam Neill) and other minor characters too boring to mention.

It's just a dull film with shocking gore making that off button on the DVD player seem more and more appealing. Seriously, this film is ridiculously gory. It reminded me of a horror from the 80s, and not in a good way. In 28 Days Later, you expected the horrendous attacks as the film was about zombies. Made by the same producers, the horror inflicted on some people just seems totally unrealistic and all a way of making the audiences scerm. This isn't a horror film, it's a thriller with bad special effects. Even the burning of the vampires has poor editing, along with what seems to be a modern day appeal. Really, they've just used a bunch of bright lights and stainless steel to make us believe we're 9 years ahead.

It really is a poor excuse for a film. The only redeeming factors is the way in which the story flows because although it's not that original, it's told well and little plot details are released slowly meaning you can carry on guessing what's going to happen throughout. Saying that, the ending is, well, as you'd expect any film of this category to be - predictable and settling. Except, it almost rounds everything up so well that you're more unfulfilled than settled.

Don't watch this film if you like vampire stories, or if you like any film for that matter. Rent out Nosferatu; you'll gain so much more satisfaction without having to be mentally disturbed from too much flesh eating.

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