Sunday, 30 May 2010

A rant about 3D...

You've probably heard now that 3D television is coming our way and this makes me very sad. Although 3D films are obviously pulling audiences in through their new techniques of bringing the film alive, it just seems silly to me. I mean, look at that picture. Doesn't it make you want to stamp on those glasses just a little bit?

I genuinely do think that Avatar is beautiful. I didn't like the storyline at all but in terms of the graphics it outweighs almost every other film I've seen. And this wouldn't have been half as amazing if it wasn't in 3D. But for every other 3D film I have seen, the whole idea of things jumping out at you should really just be kept in Pirates 4D at Thorpe Park. It's turning Hollywood cinema into an even more money stealing, audience weakening, dimension crazed gimmick that makes going to the movies a less than appealing process if you know it's in 3D.

I realise cinema is all about development, and when sound was introduced to film, audiences responded very negatively to it, and when colour was brought to our screens it brought the interpretation of a film to a whole new level. But really, what is 3D doing to film? Serious film that is.

Clash of the Titans... in 3D. My Bloody Valentine... in 3D. Concerts and football games... in 3D. I really feel it is taking the seriousness of a beloved process of making and filming a feature and turning it into an entertaining format to make you go 'oooh' and 'ahhh'.

With children's movies, it's another story. Obviously, all kids want to do is go 'ohh' and 'ahh' so by having this exciting process of things looking as if they're right in front of you is really great for them. It makes them laugh and get giddy about the films they're watching because the images are genuinely entertaining. But it is when you take this pre-school excitement and turn it into something serious that is just becomes a mess on screen.

With Sony planning the future release of Bravia 3D televisions, this craze is obviously not going to give in for a long time. Avatar are even releasing a 3D version of the film later this year to coincide with the TVs to pull in even more money. The main reason people were going to the cinema to see this amazing Cameron film was because it had beautiful effects. By releasing a 2D version now and a 3D version later just shows how money grabbing this business is.

And even directors are being forced to keep up with this trend by developing their films to this idea of 3D. Because they have centred around making the images pop, the rest of the film tends to lack in goodness. Alice in Wonderland was gorgeous in terms of imagery, but Burton had to include those little scenes of Depp throwing the hat towards the screen just to keep you perked up through the less than riveting reinvention of the story.

This is just a little annoying factor I keep running into when I go to the cinema. I truly avoid 3D as much as possible because it bugs the hell out of me. But I totally get why people love it, and I guess it is just something that seems to be getting more people interested in film... which is... errrugh, I'll force myself to say it... good if they have to do it this way.

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