Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine ***

"Hot Tub Time Machine" - There's a phrase you probably never thought would be put into Hollywood production. It isn't taken seriously so don't think it's going to be painful to sit through. It works off this ridiculous idea with silly entertaining humour running throughout making it quite a fun film to sit and laugh at.

It's a buddy movie involving 4 guys who are living a life that actually could be made a lot better. When their long lost friend Lou (Rob Corddry) supposedly attempts to commit suicide whilst drunk and needs companions to support him, his two friends Nick (Craig Robinson) and Adam (John Cusack), along with Adam's nephew Jacob (Clark Duke) run to the rescue by taking him to their favourite holiday spot from the 80s. But it is now rundown leaving them very disappointed... Until they find the HOT TUB TIME MACHINE!

Yes, this seems like a stupid idea but the film realises that. It has lighthearted humour, sarcastic one liners and references to the 80s that make you laugh constantly throughout. As long as you don't take this film as a real idea and remain quite detached from the cheese factor, it is actually a very good comedy.

The combination of the actors is an odd but fun one. Cusack remains his self in the so bad it's good acting and Robinson plays the typical black guy which is brilliant to hear and see. Duke seems to be the best in terms of the believability factor in his performance (if that's even possible considering the theme of this film) and Corddry plays the necessary pervy, drunk man. Obviously these 4 are not up to the standards of The Hangover gang, but they still work off each other quite well and seem as if they had a lot of fun making this movie.

Steve Pink directed this, and when it seems most of the money went on the dodgy special effects of the time travelling it's perfectly easy to watch. The retro clothing and music to bring this film in the time period is great. And working with the humour of nobody knowing about email or texting, it's enjoyable to see the result... If not a little scary to see how dependant we are on technology nowadays.

So, if you have nothing better to do go and see this film. It feels in a couple of hours and if not anything else, should make you chuckle a little bit. Go in with a childish mind expecting to see something random, it will probably help!

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