Friday, 4 June 2010

Iron Man 2 ****

Time to get your air guitars out and be envious of how cool some people can be! Iron Man is back with another great story to tell and even more beautiful women to corrupt. This may be one of the only sequels that's better than the first film...

Iron Man 2 tells the story of the destruction the energy source has on Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) body, with the added delight of another enemy, Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), attempting to out whit the impressive intelligence of the robot suit.

Jumping straight into the storyline, this narrative holds great pace throughout the feature. You're always kept on your toes with the mesh of good, bad and down right annoying characters bringing in different aspects of the story to tell which all link wonderfully together. The first film seemed to be all about the development of the Iron Man character. Now he is fully in function, this film shows what happens once you've been the best. It hasn't lost it's individuality over other Superhero movies either. It just oozes cool from every inch of the frame and really makes you want to be in their world.

The cast is just amazing. Mickey Rourke steals the show playing a Russian criminal who really is a badass. When you think of him acting out this character it almost makes you cringe, but it's really believable and chilling to watch. With Scarlett Johansson seeming to prove she's the next Lara Croft and Gwyneth Paltrow looking glamorous and perfect as Pepper Pots gives the gorgeous eye candy to the film. Sam Rockwell plays the bad sidekick, when Don Cheadle plays the good which pushes the film into the "cool wall", and then adding Samuel L. Jackson to the casting makes it subzero. Robert Downey Jr. has made this character into somewhat of an idol, if not an arrogant but lovable little genius destined to make any young boy want to grow up like him.

The cinematography is pretty damn good too. Just like the first, it's filled with this space aged technology you can only dream of playing with one day. The fight scenes are filmed brilliantly with cameras up close and personal in the action, and reaction shots from Peppa Pots making it edge of the seat stuff. Filled with expensive cars, suits and jewellery, added with the soundtrack mostly by ACDC brings this film to an almost, as Americans likes to say, TOTALLY AWESOME appeal.

Definitely more entertaining than the first film, it's well worth a watch if you enjoyed our view of life as Iron Man before. You don't need to see the first to know what's going on either! Just know that that little glowing circle thing is a replacement for his heart which runs his whole body, as well as the suit he wears to fight back! Go watch it and walk out the cinema humming the songs afterwards... Ba, da, ba da da!

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