Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Four Lions ***

If you think you've seen a film with a risky storyline, then you're about to have that smashed when you watch this. Based on four guys wanting to be suicide bombers in order to reach heaven, we follow their journey through the tough consequences choosing this lifestyle, as well as their stupid mistakes of course!

It's a really silly movie, that's all there is to it. The comedy is quite entertaining, if not a little too tongue in cheek as you know you really shouldn't be laughing at someone getting blown up accidentally, but you do! It's definitely for the ones who don't take life too seriously, and want to be genuinely amused by something that's a little different.

Christopher Morris who directed this film has always been associated with these quirky ideas for entertainment and this is no different. His direction to the film is done very well also. It varies between point of view shots, to dutch angles, to video camera style filming. This makes it really interesting to keep focus on if you're into the whole cinematography thing.

It just lacks something and I can't quite tell what. The storyline seems to go nowhere really. It has the potential to be something big with different locations and scenarios, but it almost gets repetitive until the very few scenes of the film. But even once they're done you're stuck in limbo as there is then a montage of images that seem to take away the whole point of the ending. But nevertheless, it does keep a constant stream of humour running throughout, so if that's good enough for you, you'll probably enjoy it.

It is a British film as well which I hold dear to my heart. You see all the unappealing locations often pushed aside in mainstream film, and we've got the unexpected cockney character Ed (Benedict Cumberbatch) which provides another dimension to the humour. Riz Ahmed (Omar) plays his part really well as the leader of this unconventional group that plays focus to the film. And the other two characters playing the, errm, less than intelligent bombers add to the sadistic theme running throughout.

So, go in with an open mind and expect to be shocked but don't go in with your hopes up because more than likely, they won't be fulfilled.

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  1. Hi, cool article, gives a perspective view while not giving anything away. I have just picked up on this movie.Unlike or American friends, the British movie industry struggles, to advertise its wares on such a Hollywood dominated stage.As for the movie looks very good. Nice subject matter.