Friday, 26 June 2009

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What an odd little film we have here. Clearly it's been based on true events but you don't really know if they're accurate, purely because this is a film about his life, and for a lot of it there were no cameras documenting him.

This isn't particularly entertaining unless you're very interested in George Bush's life. Films such as Ray that have shown us their life are usually entertaining and enjoyable to watch. This isn't really. Because you almost know what's happened in his life partially from the media, the film as it's developing doesn't get anymore exciting or fascinating.

It's shot beautifully and the colours are crisp, so this does make it quite pleasing to the eye. Oliver Stone (the director) is clearly interested in American history as he has directed and produced films such as Nixon, JFK and World Trade Centre. And you can see this through the film. It never strays away onto topics of irrelevance, it sticks clearly to Bush and his life. So you're definitely get what you paying for.

The actors involved are also pleasing to watch during the film. Not necessarily physically, but the way in which they portray the various characters. A lot of research has gone into this. We have people such as Elizabeth Banks, James Cromwell and Ellen Burstyn playing family members, as well as Josh Brolin who plays George.

It does drag though. It's like a documentary with very good cameras. You're sent back in time, then to the present, then back again - Little snaps shots of all the events that have made him who he is now. It doesn't get confusing, it just because unoriginal and dull. However, if you are interested in this president I would say to watch it. It's literally all about him. I know it sounds silly considering that's what it's aims were, but a lot of films side track and create multiple plot lines. This sticks to Bush from beginning to end, accent and all. If you're also into politics you may enjoy it.

Ultimately though, this is a film with little happening, monotone voices and little soundtrack. It's very slow and it's quite samey. You realise you're watching the 'behind the scenes' of his meetings, which aren't completely true because only officials were involved in these meetings, so basically you're watching a lot of made up meetings.


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