Friday, 12 June 2009

Love Story ***

This film is kind of enchanting. It throws you right into the action, which I love about a film. You didn't need any introduction of the characters, you know straight away who the story is going to revolve around.

This is, yes, a love story involving two characters of opposite background, but equal intelligence. They work brilliantly together, and you see their relationship grow throughout the film. However, it becomes familiar and the story doesn't seem to go anywhere too exciting. The fierce relationship becomes something of the past while you're watching the film, and it doesn't produce that fresh love feeling that many love stories provide.

The lead actress Ali MacGraw plays a pretty heartless woman who's apparently in love with Oliver Barratt IV (Ryan O'Neal), who shows only his love for her. Through Jennifer's (MacGraw) 'playing hard to get' game, she becomes almost annoying and quite mean. However, she turns bearable towards the end which makes the film a little more pleasing.

If you're into your gushy love stories, this is definitely one to watch. You become entranced in the relationship - Despite the lack of love provided from one side. And you easily enjoy the witty banter between the two. They seem like a genuine couple, and the acting is pretty good in the film from all characters. If you look carefully, Tommy Lee Jones makes an appearance as a room-mate of Oliver's which is quite fun to see.

It came out in the 1970s; bar a few of the outfits and the quality of filming, this film has hardly dated. It could easily be in cinemas now if the picture was more refined. This is also where the quote 'Love means never having to say you're sorry' comes from. It made quite an impact when it was released and you can understand why. It's just a shame there isn't really much plot development, and the ending is very depressing.

Although, I do have to say it is quite an original film in terms of narrative due to the beginning and end of the film. You'll see why when you watch it, I don't want to ruin the fun of the story for you now!

This is a very comfy clothes, ice cream tub, chocolate, girl's night in film. If you cry easily in films, have a box of tissues next to you as well. Even if you don't, your eyes might become slightly more moist than usual by the end!

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