Sunday, 14 June 2009

My Best Friend's Girl **

I don't think this film could become anymore predictable. It's a romantic-comedy (the term romantic used loosely) about a young man (Jason Biggs) who is in love with a fellow colleague (Kate Hudson), but can't get her. So he asks his house-mate (Dane Cook) - A complete 'jerk' who makes having surgery more enjoyable than going on date with him.

I'm sure if you know the typical story of a romantic-comedy you can guess the ending, and just about every other aspect of this film actually. Although some of the antics are quite shocking, especially seeing as it's an 18, this film isn't anything new. It contains funny moments, it contains a love story, it's typical of its genre.

It doesn't really hold your attention all that well. The story isn't fast paced enough and what you're watching becomes quite boring. It's a shame really, because the actors involved are brilliant in these sorts of roles but the script just isn't exciting enough to keep you entertained the whole way through.

You could say this is more a love story for men. The situations that Tank (Cook) creates, and the topics of conversation he has are aimed at the male audience. He's crude, rude and down right mean, which obviously the boys are going to find hilarious because it's quite slapstick. In terms of the predominant audience, females don't seem to be catered for all that much, apart from a wedding scene towards the end. Romance doesn't really feature in this film, and it's really only the desperation that a few of the characters portray in the film which creates the romance.

I was surprised to see this film as an 18, but from the very beginning you can understand why the BBFC had a little trouble with this being a 15 or 12. Tank uses the C word multiple times throughout the film, along with lots of other profanities you wouldn't expect the Queen to say in her Christmas speech.

This film isn't original, very entertaining or hysterically funny. It's a mediocre creation aimed to provide an easy viewing with a few little giggles maybe for a first date. Just make sure you go for a really good meal afterwards because it's pretty appalling to watch what goes on through most of it.

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