Monday, 22 June 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ***

They're back... And yes, they are ready for revenge. Michael Bay has again created an exploding cinematic experience that goes straight into action from beginning to end. Some people criticise Bay for only exploding things during his films - And he definitely doesn't stray away from it in this film, but I think if you're good at something, why not do it? Tim Burton doesn't make a romantic comedy involving Cameron Diaz, he makes quirky films with odd characters because that's what he's best at. Bay is good at creating an image so extreme and producing it on the screen to the maximum effect. So Transformers + Bay = A match made in heaven. I'm glad we have got that out the way.
If you pay attention to the narrator and dialogue you should be able to stick with the story the whole way through the film. But it is inevitable that you will be distracted by chase scenes, cars turning into robots, and oh yes... Megan Fox. She's stunning in this film, and most certainly exploited by lingering camera shots and all sorts of physical innuendos. Maybe if you just close your eyes and listen you might be able to understand the story the whole way through. But where's the fun in that? So be prepared to get a little lost, especially towards the end, because it does just seem like a Robot Wars episode with a big budget type film.

The parents are brilliant. They are possibly the best characters in this movie. The mother is just as funny, along with the dad being just as tight and grumpy. And with a new little dog on the scene they certainly haven't changed for this story. The comical side to this film doesn't come across in the adverts, so just know there are laughs to be had.

You see all sorts of new Transformers come to life in this. Many little ones, along with a couple of gigantic robots ready to destroy whatever is in its path. They also still have a few with their little witty comebacks towards Sam (Shia LeBeouf).

It's exciting, funny, thrilling and filled with special effects. Although it does seem a little long, it's well worth a watch if you liked the first one. It doesn't have that same fresh feeling as before because you know how the Transformers will look when they change from car to robot, but this doesn't matter. The realism that these effects create is just truly amazing. This film would have been shoddy 20 years ago, but thanks to modern technology and a giant amount of change in the producer's pockets, they have made this film not only realistic but just a truly immense cinema experience.

Steven Spilberg has again got into the action so you just know this is one professional, metal filled film. No matter if you're boy, girl, adult, elderly, there's something for everybody. Unless you're a person who doesn't like special effects; this will not be for you. But everyone else, give it a go!


  1. Sounds good, I quite liked the first one so I think it will be worth a watch! Keep up the good work.

    Andrew X

  2. Thanks Andrew! Glad you enjoyed it =]