Sunday, 21 June 2009

Milk ****

Living in the 21st Century now, we haven't really seen what discrimination towards gay people in the 70s was really like - This film tells you. Combining archive footage with current filming, this movie gives an accurate account of how the gay population were treated. It's realistic and charming to watch, and a real indication of just how many lives Milk and his team changed for people.

The music and sets are extremely accurate, and really does make you feel as if you're sitting in the 1970s. Along with this the acting is brilliant. Sean Penn can usually take any character and really bring them to life, and he has done it once more. But it is not just him that makes the film believable to watch. His team which includes James Franko and Alison Pill make this a pleasure to watch, and a real emotional roller coaster. You see the trials and tribulations they faced. And as these characters are based on real people, the film is that more inspiring and exciting to watch.

You get a real sense of community, and from the real footage you know the movie isn't exaggerating the story one piece. The little profiles at the end of the film are a lovely touch to it as well. I didn't realise this was based on a true story, so if you didn't you know now. It really makes the film eye opening to see how people were treated, and how strong they were.

The only thing that lets it down is the fact that it is slightly repetitive, but I guess that is what it felt like for Harvey Milk and his team with what they faced. It does become a little duller towards the middle, but only for half an hour. Once that is over you begin to love the story again and the events that are uncovered once more.

It's shocking, fun, saddening and creative. It's a real unique Hollywood film, with a true life story that makes you want to stand up and make a change. No matter if you're straight, bi, gay or a lesbian you will feel some sort of sense of drive when you watch just how hard these characters had to work to be accepted. And it really does make you appreciate how, in most cases, society has accepted these sort of situations today. Yes you still get the homophobic people but they're usually just insecure with themselves anyway. Maybe if they watch this film they will think twice about their beliefs.

If you fancy watching a refreshing and inspiring story, really please do watch this.


  1. Besides Harvey Milk... there were many pioneers fighting for gay rights of that era. IN FACT, almost 15 years before Harvey ran for suppervisor... a drag queen who now has a S.F. street named after him got tired of being arrested and fought back... and ran for Supervisor in 1961, and received over 6,000 votes, that begat gay politics in San Francisco. Besides my blog... I recommend visiting a great web-site dedicated to the evolution of the Castro... as the gay mecca of America. Unlike the "Milk" movie, it is not a recreation... but the real thing by pioneers of that era. and my contributions at that site:
    Cheers, J.P.

  2. Thank you for that, I'll definitely take a look at the websites. What did you think of the film?