Thursday, 12 January 2012

Disney films in 3D... Yes or no?

With the release of the trailer for Finding Nemo in 3D, a hot topic of discussion has come about on whether Disney should be putting their films into 3D or not. What the debate seems to be suggesting is that the films weren’t made for 3D. Disney has had no problem creating success, so putting the films into 3D apparently means they are cashing in on the hype by releasing films that have come and gone already. To an extent this could be true. Disney are choosing particular formats to release their films on that will gross the most money - Whether this is a re-release onto DVD, Blu-Ray, and yes, 3D. This does mean they are making money from new crazes hitting the movie fan’s world. 
But there is another side to the argument. What Disney set out to do is showcase their films to every generation. This is why we are given silver, gold, diamond, platinum editions of their films on DVD and Blu-Ray. With the new release of the same film, which becomes more digitally advanced and clearer to watch than the original, Disney are providing their classic tales to a modern audience, fulfilling their goal of allowing all children from different generations to enjoy their films.
Releasing the films in 3D is no different. This year, we should see Beauty and the Beast, Monsters, Inc., The Little Mermaid and of course Finding Nemo in 3D. We’ve already had Lion King 3D, and the more recent Pixar releases such as Cars 2 and Toy Story 3 in 3D. This relatively new craze in cinema means Disney are fitting with the trend, and allowing themselves to stay on top of the game in terms of children’s cinema. 3D will always attract children - It’s exciting, it’s theatrical and it makes them laugh. Anyone who has sat in an audience for a 3D film will know this. Disney are playing on this and bringing children these classic tales with a modern twist because its what they want to see. This new generation are growing up with 3D films. When they get a little older, they will probably learn that 3D cinema is only really good for children’s films, but that doesn’t matter to them now. All they want to do is sit in a cinema with their glasses on, watch fish swim around them and laugh at the jokes Disney create.
For adults, it seems to be a different case. We are the generation that grew up with the original 2D films. But, I bet you bought the DVD when it was released, and then the Blu-Ray. I know I did. Disney place a lot of emphasis on their work with market research. They find out what’s popular, what’s attracting audiences in, and what works. With us, it was the incredible animations. We were drawn to the cinema to see Sleeping Beauty’s art or Toy Story’s digital animation. With children today, it’s 3D that’s drawing them in. Just because these films have already been in the cinema doesn’t mean Disney can’t provide for a different generation. They’ve taken their films and transformed them into something that children now are going to watch.
This evolving aspect of Disney makes them the company they are now. I personally won’t see the film in 3D because I saw it in the cinema when it first come out, and I don’t particularly like 3D films. But I love the fact that children are being able to witness these tales that I grew up with. Disney films are a part of so many people’s childhoods. You have your favourite film, your favourite character, your worst character. If turning these films into 3D makes them a part of someone’s fond childhood memories and allows them to be involved with these characters, then so be it.

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  1. LOVED THIS POST. I didn't agree with the idea before reading this however as soon as you begun talking about the sharing of these experiences with another generation made me think why not?

    I suppose if I don't support the 3D idea on behalf of Disney I won't go and see them (which I won't) but it doesn't mean, as you say, younger children can't and appreciate old cinema in an enhanced way! I'd love more children to learn the moral stories (good and evil) through the old classics, I don't watch them now as I have grown to prefer more modern animations (Coraline, a non-Disney being a favourite) but I think it's a great idea.

    A great read.