Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Film Obsession's Top 10 Reviewed Films of 2010 [Feature]

This year has been very exciting in terms of big budget film releases. We've seen the rise of 3D creations (even though that's not necessarily a good thing), we've seen stunning spectacles on screen in terms of cinematography, and have witnessed some of the most heart warming stories told in film. 

In case you had forgotten any films that were released this year, watch this awesome video showing 270 films of 2010 in just over 6 minutes! 

(Thanks to HeyUGuys for pointing this out)

So, of all the films I've reviewed (including screenings from The London Film Festival), I'm conducting the famous "Top 10" list. I can imagine there will be a couple you disagree with, and some you won't be able to comment on as they haven't been released, but take my word for it, they deserve to be on this list (If you can trust my judgement)
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A true English delight with some very endearing characters. Every ounce of this was fun, surprisingly made you laugh and really was perfect was the summer release. 
The mini was a particular favourite English touch of mine. 
Controversial comedy mixed with some good British filming. This film took the humour from Chris Morris and turned it into one of the most quoted films in England this year. 
"Rubber Dingy Rapids"
A real unique twist on a comic book based movie. This film broke the boundaries of how a superhero film could be made. Plus the story was written by Jane Goldman - A woman!
Goooooo oestrogen! 
A genuinely stunning digital animation that hasn't lost any appeal after 10 years of the previous film. The characters are all the same with brilliant new ones.
Is it weird Lotso was my favourite?
It caused uncontrollable shaking and sleepless nights from the very realistic cinematography. This film made me want to walk out of the cinema in fear, no joke.
Never am I sitting in my kitchen alone again. 
Aronofsky showing the world he can turn even the sweetest thing into a dark, psychological whirlwind. The editing and costume was amazing in this, bringing every detail to life.
I'm kind of glad I didn't do ballet as a kid. 
A well thought out action film that makes your eyes pop out of their holes. I was shocked at how much I fell in love with this movie. It's just AWESOME.
You could say I lesbian it. 
Leonardo proves to be Hollywood's finest, as does the thrilling genre this film brings with it. The ending is what turned this film from great to genius.
I wouldn't mind looking after Leo, even if he was a psycho. 
A film that's never quite been done before, and never will. This will not only top the charts of 2010, but in the history of filmmaking. A big statement yes, but it can cope with it.
I wanted it to keep spinning...
This captured my heart from beginning to end, with a one off storyline and absolutely brilliant acting. Films rarely make me cry, but my face was very much soaked after this.
Andrew Garfield is a bit of alright too. 

I hope you enjoyed every film that 2010 brought to us.
Make a list of your own and comment it in the box below!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Kelly.

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