Friday, 19 March 2010

Shutter Island *****

Shutter Island is superb.

Once again, Martin Scorsese (director of this, Goodfellas and Cape Fear) has out done himself. This really is one of the most artistic, thrilling, epic journeys I've been on in a modern day film. It has a similar vibe to it as The Shining and Silence of the Lambs. It's not really a horror though, more a psychological thrilling which keeps you entranced the whole way through.

I'll start with the acting. Having Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead makes this film worth watching. He really doesn't receive the credit he deserves in terms of his acting. He's flawless when it comes to taking a character and making them believable. And working off him is the ever lovable Mark Ruffalo. They really have a great working relationship together and bring this film alive with excitement and anticipation. Ben Kingsley plays the almost mad scientist type which ads to the whole mystery of the film bringing the viewing pleasure from the actor's side to a brand new level of awesomeness.

Now with the cinematography. Boy does Scorsese know how to use a camera. Please don't take the movements of it for granted. Look at the way you view the mountains, the claustrophobic corridors, the tight plain rooms. It's beautiful and he's captured every element of the situation right. The storm in the film is done so well you really believe it's actually happening. When it comes to the scenes which hold an intense atmosphere, there's nothing you can do but watch with great interest as the picture slowly reveals what's going to happen.

The setting is beautiful too. The secluded island offers the feeling of no escape while when we're in the mental asylum, you really believe you're there. I haven't been so captured and involved in a film for so long. It's just breathtaking. The storyline is just magnificent too. It slowly unfolds into a completely strange world and by the time it is over you really don't know what to think. All these elements put together really makes falling with film easy.
I can't fault this whatsoever. Don't be put off by the horror type feel the adverts give away, it's just a little creepy at times. You'll come out asking questions rather than feeling you can't sleep. Shutter Island is amazing, just amazing.

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