Saturday, 10 April 2010

Kick-Ass ****

This film has the potential to be really bad. It involves children playing wannabe superheroes, with the mafia as the bad guys, and it has Nicolas Cage as a main character... But this is probably the best Superhero film I've seen! It breaks all the conventions and makes a very original story to follow.

For a start, the acting is pretty damn funny. It involves our favourite teen comedian McLovin' (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Chloe Moretz who is actually very controversial in terms of the swear words and the acting she has to play out. But as she stated in an interview "It's a movie, people shouldn't take it so seriously". And that's totally the way you need to go into the film. It's shocking but you just need to embrace it. The little star in this film is Aaron Johnson who plays Kick-Ass. He's new to film and plays the geeky, fantasy involved boy so well, and also creates a great role model for kids. He's also funny and attractive too so he's got the whole package! Plus Nicolas Cage is actually acting okay! (His voice is meant to be like that when he's in costume... You'll see when you watch the film)

Matthew Vaughn, the director, knows how to make a film. He's worked with Stardust, Layer Cake and Snatch to name a few. The gore is pretty extreme and slightly shocking as it's involving children but you just need to have that in mind before you go. Some people would think it's distasteful, but if you let yourself enjoy it, by the end of the film you're wanting as much slicing and dicing as possible! This is based on a comic book as well, so the little editing patterns used are pretty unique. It's just beautiful to watch. The fight scenes are filmed amazingly, and some of the techniques such as the strobe lighting really keeps your eyes glued to the scene.

The story of the film is the only thing that could have been a little better. I did find myself losing interest at one point half way through, but it definitely picks up. It's inspiring to watch these characters evolve and different as the children are little adults, but there just needs to be a little bit more push within it. But really, with all the pluses of the acting, cinematography and originality, the weaker storyline can be overlooked.

So, go into the cinema expecting to see lots of gore, to be shocked and you'll find this one of the most entertaining, original and satisfying films ever. You haven't seen a Superhero movie like it yet.

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