Sunday, 20 September 2009

Adventureland ***

A film set in the 80s based around 20 somethings getting drunk and high whilst working at an amusement park... Ever heard of this storyline for a rom-com before?

It's quite a unique little story considering it's roots are on the same path as any other romantic comedy, and that's what makes it slightly more bearable to watch. It's got a great theory to the story and setting, and rejuvenates the 80s once more, so you know it's a little bit cool already. I'm sure Calvin Harris would love it.

The characters are each very carefully chosen and acted out well. From the eccentric park owners, to the parents of these students. Kristen Stewert (aka Bella) and Jesse Eisenberg play the couple of the film, and actually work quite well together. Stewert is her usual mysterious, pretty but doesn't know it girl, and Eisenberg is essentially the geek that gets lucky. They are complete polar opposites but that just caters to the whole audience. And with the supporting roles providing you every weird aspect of life you could possibly want, there's nothing more to crave.

The actual storyline isn't particularly original for a rom-com, but it does hold some redeeming factors. The lives of each person is completely different, and you understand this well. You can come away from this film feeling satisfied and having chosen your favourite character. It's all done at a pace which doesn't seem rushed or forced; it comes very naturally and you believe it.

It's definitely one to watch if you like something a little out of the ordinary, but it's by no means an Oscar winning film. It's just a lighthearted fun little storyline, with the quirkiness of the characters and set in a great decade.

There is a heavy focus on the use of weed and alcohol however. I can see why they have done this because it provides the feel for the young not caring about what they do and just living life, but it really doesn't need to be as involved as it is. It seems a little unrealistic because you don't really see any side effects like drunkenness or hallucinations from the drugs, and it almost makes it seem like a decent thing to do.

You might like to know the director of this film (Greg Mottola) is also the director of Superbad. It's definitely nothing like Superbad, but in terms of the cinematography it's quite similar. He uses this almost filter on the screen to provide the 80s scene, and gives real focus on the characters you should connect with. It works well as you come out of the cinema with your favourite character's quotes in your head.

It's just a fun film with some silly little gestures and quotes, and it includes a love story. See it if you want, your life doesn't depend on it though.

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