Tuesday, 8 September 2009

(500) Days of Summer ***** (For www.heyuguys.co.uk)

What a brilliant, quirky, imaginative movie we have here. You should know, this is definitely not a love story. Well, it is but not one you'd expect to see. It's original, creative and a great story. Almost a little depressing if anything, but perfectly enjoyable to watch.

The beautiful Zooey Deschanel plays Summer. A girl who doesn't believe in love and lives life to the full. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (most commonly known as Tommy from Third Rock from the Sun) plays Tom, a lovestruck man who will compromise anything to be with Summer. For a start, the chemistry between the two is brilliant. They're both chilled and relaxed, and give a real sense of originality and believable acting to their roles. The conversations they hold genuinely seems unscripted, and they look as if they really belong together on screen. As well as this, they're both pretty to look at. And with a lot of shots showing Zooey's eyes or Joseph's cute features means it's enjoyable for everyone!

You can always tell when there's going to be a good film from the way it opens. This film opens with a unique little piece of text and a fun title sequence, which just sums up the film perfectly - Unique and fun. There are some brilliant editing features which aren't done in mainstream films very often, and it all seems like this could happen in real life; which is refreshing for a love story. It also has an almost 70s feel to the set. Their dress sense is a little old school, and the whole office seems to be dated. But as you see the brother and sister playing the WII, we notice we are actually watching a film set in present time. This just makes the film seem that much cooler because it can pull these almost out of fashion clothes and settings off by making it look fashionable.

The narrative is also just as impressive. The banter in every conversation is witty, clever and great to observe. Along with this, the story is like a breath of fresh air. The audience is finally being provided with a romantic comedy that's not only breaking away from the structure of a narrative that's most commonly seen in this genre, but given a whole new outlook on love in film. We don't need the pathetic argument or the soppy kiss, we're being given a realistic look at love. We see hurt, pain and frustration as well as excitement, joy and happiness. The mixture of up and down is perfect and not too demanding on your tear ducts.

I really would say this film is enjoyable for both sexes. Typically this would be classed as a 'chick flick' but as it's so original, I would definitely say it holds interest for men as well. The male characters in the film are particularly funny with comebacks that actually do make you laugh out loud. But it's not the typical slapstick comedy we see in films aimed at males, it's a sort of sophisticated comedy that's seen in real life.

This is an amazing film which is going to become a cult. It caters for everyone and isn't too demanding on your emotions. It's perfection. Just when you thought rom-coms couldn't redeem themselves, they just have.

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