Sunday, 11 October 2009

Up ****

What a colourful Pixar film we have here! All the balloons, birds and forests are filled with these emotive, playful gestures which capture children's attention straightaway. And with every character involved just as endearing as the last makes it quite a fun film to watch... Apart from all the sadness involved!

It's probably the most depressing Disney film yet. That doesn't mean the whole way through you're crying your eyes out. It just means Disney has once again tapped into our emotions, made up connections with the characters, and evidently we cry our eyes out when something bad happens to them.

It's a great mesh of adult and child attraction as this film contains the typical nods towards an adults life so they find it entertaining to watch, as well as the slapstick comedy that the kids love.

The idea behind this film is brilliantly imaginative. And who thought that having a pensioner as the protagonist would be captivating for a young audience?! Carl (Voiced by Edward Asner) is the perfect grandfather figure. He's grumpy yet adventurous, and is definitely funny for an adult audience. His little glimpses of his life before are done so well you really feel for him as soon as you see his face on the screen. You may also be able to imagine yourself in certain situation, or at least imagine your grandparents.

It's probably not one of the best Pixar films in my opinion, but it's up there. Everything about it does ooze Disney though. It's soppy and childish, yet funny and interesting. The short is actually the best one though. It's a little story about clouds, and it just sums up everything that is good about these little Pixar Short films.

Definitely go and see this movie if you're a fan of the previous ones. It's perfect for any aged audience and really connects to you.

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