Monday, 27 April 2009

What Happens In Vegas ** (For The Crawley Observer)

What Happens In Vegas is a film of two halves. The first half is very much like a game of cat and mouse between Cameron Diaz (Joy McNally) and Ashton Kutcher (Jack Fuller). It contains a lot of slapstick comedy, and at times can be quite amusing. The second half is more of a love story that actually has some structure and is surprisingly sensitive.

Cameron plays a very sophisticated, career minded woman, and Ashton plays the lazy bachelor type, giving the film a lot of scope to develop and play with in terms of the relationship between the two of them. They both slip easily into their roles as it is typical of their previous history of film characters - But it still comes across as refreshing.
With added characters of Lake Bell (Tipper) and Rob Corddry (Hater) playing the main character's sidekicks and Queen Latifah playing the marital councillor, it all adds up to a recipe of quick comedy, strong one-liners and visually comic moments.

Although it's clearly obvious to romantic-comedy fans what the ending is likely to be, the result is still quite satisfying and does leave you with the obligatory warm fuzzy feeling.

Ashton plays his part very well and shows a more neautral side to him than what he is ususally credited with. Cameron, the consummate professional plays her female vunerabilities as well as remaining strong and this makes for a good blend between the two characters which works well.

Dana Fox who wrote this as well as The Wedding Date has made a film that does live up to the expectations of a Rom-Com. She clearly knows how to create the conventions of a romantic film, and has worked well to create a comic twist to it. However, there is no one point in the film where you think 'this is brilliant'. Maybe it will translate better to DVD?

It is a very universal film that should appeal to a wide audience. But with no ground-breaking material or scenes in the film that hook you in, it really is just another Rom-Com that might be worth seeing if there is no better option availble. Then again, if you are a fan a Cameron Diaz or Ashton Kutcher then you may want to go and see it just for them. They are good on the eye and live up to their typical casting.

What Happens In Vegas isn't bad but it also isn't that good. It is extremely predictable, and to any film fan this won't be new. Nevertheless, if you're hoping to see a light hearted that's not too sentimental and not so funny that it has you falling off your seats then you may want to go and see it.

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