Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Beetle Juice *****

Strange, unique, dark, weird... The words that come to your mind when you think of a Tim Burton film. And these words can certainly be used to describe Beetle Juice.

The story focuses around a married couple - Adam and Barbara Maitland (Played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis) who unfortunately get killed in a driving accident, and spend the rest of their time on Earth and beyond discovering life so much more far fetched than what could ever imagine. During the time of their discovery, they meet a very diverse bunch of characters from a Gothic, ghost seeing daughter played by Winona Ryder, to a perverted, zombie lunatic who is actually Beetle Juice - Or Betleguese, as he spells it, acted marvelously by Michael Keaton.

This film is the definition of quirky. The thought that's gone into every scene is immense. The detail of the costumes, the brilliantly designed sets, the casting of each and every character. It's a great experience to sit and take this film in. Every aspect of this film has a meaning - From a self harming pixie to a eccentric mother who just wants to make spiky sculptures. You build relationships with the recently deceased couple who just want answers, and you find the afterlife extremely intriguing. Tim Burton's imagination is impeccable, and deeply creative. He really has made this a one of a kind film.

While friends get possessed by dancing to funny little songs at a formal dinner table, Betleguese turns himself into all sorts to try and scare away certain individuals. Michael Keaton is unrecognisable, and certainly provides the evil layer that this film needs, with a charm that's slightly inviting and then also a presence that is quite repulsive.

After these descriptions of the film, it seems to be something of a confusing, creepy nature but it's actually delightfully enchanting from what Tim Burton and his team of writers have created. And with a more than satisfactory ending that leaves you relieved, happy and some what confused as you think back to yourself about the scenes you've just witnessed, the overall all impression the film leaves you with is, well, happy. But just remember, this film isn't anything ordinary. It's completely bizarre, and out of this world with imagination. But if you're up for trying something new and original, go for it!

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