Monday, 27 April 2009

The Dark Knight *****

A man you definitely wouldn't want to introduce to your parents, a few out of this world gadgets and an incredible ludicrous car. It can only be one thing... The next Batman movie has arrived. Based around the famous fictional city of Gotham, the antics from the protagonist and antagonists of this film slowly unravel to reveal an exciting and almost never ending turn of events. Batman, The Joker and Two-Face are on the screen for one of the most anticipated films made.

If, like me, you're trying not to listen to the hype of the film and make your own judgement do so. But actually you will have the same opinion as every other person that has watched this film. It is absolutely brilliant in every way, except of course the voice that Christian Bale puts on as Batman. But he doesn't talk like that the whole time, so you won't have bleeding ears when the film finishes.

The cinematography is immense from the shooting of action scenes, the extent of the sets, the costume and makeup... Basically the whole motion picture. Christopher Nolan, who previously directed and wrote Batman Begins, has out done himself on the directing of this film. His creativity, hard work and imagination has added up to this film being one not miss. If you're not a Batman fan, I urge you to see it for the pure entertainment value this film provides. It's action packed as you'd expect from a Batman film, it's got comedy value and it's got sensitivity in it, mostly provided by Maggie Gyllenhaal, the romantic lead. Plus, you know everybody is going to be quoting The Joker for years to come... You'll wanna know what every one's talking about, right?

Heath Ledger... How do I describe his performance? Never have I been so scared of a fictional character, and yet want to be his friend at the same time. He's brutal, yet funny. He's aggressive, yet extremely intriguing. He's impossibly terrifying but then again so very lovable. His role is played flawlessly. You cannot fault anything he does in this film. Hearing "Here's Johnny!" will be a walk in the park after hearing The Joker say "Why so serious?"
And lets not forget about Two-Face. Although the post-production of the face seems a little dramatic, the effect the reveal of his face has on you is quite drastic. He has the essence of a killer in him, and that makes it all the more chilling.

I guess we should talk about Batman as well. Christian Bale plays his usual distanced self, but as Batman is pretty distant he fits perfectly, like every other aspect in this film. And with his day to day character Bruce Wayne working well together with Michael Caine playing Alfred Pennyworth, and Morgan Freeman playing Lucius Fox to create cheeky little phrases, and intelligent relationships just makes everything seem so perfect.

So to sum up... Watch it or you'll miss out.
Dedicated to Heath Ledger.

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