Sunday, 26 April 2009

Cloverfield ****

No posters, little photography, short adverts... This has truly made Cloverfield one of the most intriguing films created in a long time. It's been buzzing around the Internet for about 2 years and finally now the mystery has been solved, or did it just create another one?

Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield, made this film with an open mind in the film business, and completely dismissed Hollywood expectations of narrative. Instead of giving detail on important aspects of the film, like the landng of the monster, the film effectively goes straight into the action, leaving the audience confused and anxious, much like the characters who have no idea what's going on when they see the beheading of the Statue of Liberty. If you watch and listen carefully enough, like many Art-house films, subtle clues are given through the script and the filming which is already distorted. With this added effect makes the audience really think about the film, instead of passively being given every detail they need, and this means the mystery remains constant throughout.

Cloverfield is a Marmite film - You either love it or hate it. One disappointment of Cloverfield is that, like a lot of action films, some stunts make you think 'you could never have survived that in real life'. And also similarly to The Blaire Witch Project, you may feel as if you have just been on an hour's boat trip due to the constant shaking of the camera.
But with high action, special effects and mystery towards the whole concept of this film is brilliant for anybody who likes to try someone new or unexpected. But even if you like sticking to the same genre of action, this will satisfy your need for a new movie using unconventional twists.

Matt Reeves has now created a legendary name for himself and is sure to bring more movies with as much interest, excitement and thrills as this one. There has been speculation of a sequel which maintains the same plotline but takes on somebody else's perspective. If this is the case, the box office is bound to get a lot busier on its release.

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