Friday, 25 June 2010

Get Him To The Greek ****

So it turns out getting Aldous Snow (Brand) from Laaandaaan to L.A. is pretty difficult. But it's also freaking funny, dramatic, stupid, outrageous and kind of moving. Yes, I am talking about Get Him To The Greek (The Greek being the The Greek theatre in L.A.) which has some of the most original comedy running throughout accompanied by brilliant acting and an entertaining storyline.

If you've seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you'll be aware of Russell's character already as he plays a drug addict rock star, but you really don't need to see the film to find this one funny. It's just a spin-off with Jonah Hill playing a completely new character (but still obsessed by Aldous Snow). Now, you may think this is just little old egotistical Russell acting out his previous life before he got clean, and you'd be right. But he can actually act. Spot the scenes of him on a withdrawal from drugs or when he's a little low and you can see how his past acting school life has worked wonders on this him. He's also just a great showman in this film... He's actually singing those songs!

Jonah Hill is the real star of this film. The poor character Aaron Green is dragged through hell and back bringing the antics Aldous gets them in so dramatic and shocking it's nothing but funny. And having the oh so serious P. Diddy playing a reasonably likable if not mentalist music producer in this film takes it over the edge of humour and beyond.

Nicholas Stoller directed this movie, as well as the previous film with Brand, and he obviously knows how to work with the insane. He portrays the type of rebellious people so well with camera work including awkward close-ups and montages of explicit scenes. It keeps the film at a good pace, and just when you think a scene can't become anymore embarrassingly awful in terms of the situation, believe me, it will.

This really is just a fun summer film. After having been in the sun all day, you'll probably be feeling a little tired or burnt. Go and sit in the cinema with a cold icy drink and enjoy the crude but light-hearted humour on a constant flow. I guarantee you'll find it funny. If you don't, I won't go and see Twilight Saga: Eclipse. (I will, but that's a statement, right?!)

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