Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Date Night *****

You hear "Date Night" and your automatic reaction is 'I'm not gonna sit through this rubbish spoof'... But this is actually so, so funny and a very well made film. It's not one of those Scary Movie type films, it's quite original and takes the conventions of a action film to a whole new level.

For a start this film has two of the funniest people around at the moment - Steve Carell playing Phil Foster and Tina Fey playing Claire Foster. They live a typically normal family life and feel the strain a little bit, until one night where they should be reconnecting they find themselves in trouble with the mafia. It does all sound a little far fetched but you'll be quoting this movie afterwards for sure. Some of the things Carell comes out with literally makes you LOL. And with Fey holding herself as a lead character amazingly, she definitely brings it alive.

Considering this is meant to be a comedy, its got one of the best car chase sequences I've seen. It all looks live action with reaction shots being the prime focus but still holds such a comedic value to it. The actual action is very good and you're never bored watching this. It starts off with laughs and just keeps them coming, building the action up as it goes along with a brilliantly satisfying finale. An action movie now will seem a little disappointing after watching this collaborating of laughs and chases.

The director, Shawn Levy (who also directed Just Married and Night at the Museum 2) has struck gold with this one. The film is just very original and a real enjoyable watch. The cinematography of it is done well so you're laughing at scenes which are meant to be intense and gaining a real feel for the story. It's not at all tacky though, which can be the trouble with comedies. Because of the pros on screen and the experienced filmmakers, its done properly with real attention to detail. The script is also brilliant is terms of building the relationship between the two also.

They obviously had great fun on set too. Stay whilst the credits are rolling because you get to see the gag reel which is always a bonus in my eyes. This really is just an easy, comfortable hour and a half of your life you're sure to find amusing. If you're a fan of Steve Carell or Tina Fey you definitely won't be disappointed.

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