Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cemetery Junction ***

This is quite quirky and endearing, with some really captivating characters. Plus, it also has quite a odd sense of humour relating back to the 70s, but it just doesn't have a wow factor. Its not a bad film because you come out feeling quite happy, but it's not particularly inspiring either.

Written and directed by the powerful duo Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, they've created quite an odd little feature focusing around the life in the 70s, with young hearts wanting to break free from their quite frankly boring lives. It captures this idea really well. The characters (including a young insurance salesman, a female photographer and a factory working aggressive male) all are easy to watch. The odd thing is, you relate to the minor characters rather than the leads. This does make the life more believable but it's just a shame the main characters aren't captivating enough.

Yes, Freddie (Christian Cooke) is gorgeous, as is the lead female Julie (Felicity Jones) which offers that appeal to like the main characters. But the minor ones are just so enchanting to watch. The mother of Julie is weak, as is the father of Bruce (Tom Hughes - the aggressive one) which really makes you feel strong, hurt feelings towards them. And Ricky Gervais' mother played by Julia Davis offers some very quotable comments that are both quite shocking and funny. As for Ricky Gervais, he plays his usual grumpy character so fans of his will be pleased, he doesn't have a big part though.

I thought it was a bit odd that this film was a 15, but when you watch it you realise why. The swearing is quite predominant, and there is quite a lot of very real looking fights but it's not out of place. They've made these horrible features fit into the story really well, and with the counter balance of the quite lovely theme running the whole way through this film means that it's even more acceptable. But when you actually think about the story it is quite depressing. They're all either stuck or want to escape... Nice!

This film just needs something else to make it a little more entertaining. It's filmed well and the acting is great, but it just feels like its humming along gentle. Nothing grabs your attention, it's just there. It's not a masterpiece, but if you're a fan of Gervais or Merchant, give it a go.

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