Sunday, 18 October 2009

Partly Cloudy (For

What with Up coming out this month, it also brings along the Pixar Short. They never usually get that much attention, but actually contain a lot of emotion, creativity and fun within them. Partly Cloudy is the latest creation from the Pixar team and is probably the best one yet. It’s a very original idea, and is extremely endearing.

It’s about the idea of a stalk bringing a baby to the front doorstep of someones house. How they get these babies is by flying to a cloud who puffs them up from their big fluffy hands. However, you see a poor, scraggy stalk flying to the only dark cloud who produces electric eels, crocodiles and all other aggressive looking animals. The story continues through showing their relationship progress.
It’s absolutely perfect for a child to watch. It’s colourful, beautiful and extremely friendly - In fact, if there was another certificate for a film that’s lower than a Uc it would be granted it. This short also holds the imagination that Pixar seem to capture in every one of their animations. The story itself couldn’t be made into a full feature length film, but as a short it’s perfect, much like its predecessors such as Geris’ Game, Lifted and of course Luxo Jr.
You can buy the Shorts on their own as a DVD and I’d definitely get it. You can see Pixar progress through their technology and ideas within the short cartoons, as well as feel happy after each and every one of them. Definitely pay attention to the little movie, it’s well worth a watch.

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