Friday, 28 August 2009

The Ugly Truth ***

This film wasn't AS bad as I thought it was going to be. Still completely predictable... But what rom-com isn't? Starring one of comedy's finest ladies Catherine Heigl, and a crude yet charming Gerard Butler, the film works well around the two as they have great chemistry together and are actually quite funny. It's just a shame the story isn't more original.

It contains typical sex jokes, along with the predictable final kiss and the guaranteed angry fight. It's everything you look for in a romantic comedy, but this is actually more aimed at men. Butler plays a character that isn't sensitive, tells you how it is, and believes no relationship can ever work. He's a nightmare for sexual harassment cases at work, and is a proper bloke. Men watching this film will find him funny, and woman will love to hate him. Heigl plays an ambitious control freak who symbolises the very essence of a successful woman, plus has an added wit about her which makes this movie very male friendly.

You do find it very male orientated at the very beginning, but once the love story starts kicking in and we're introduced to a gorgeous neighbour who becomes the love interest, you are reminded once again that this is a romantic comedy. It's a very good first date movie. It has laughs, sensitive scenes and will ease any tension between the two of you if you're feeling a little nervous, as it's so light hearted. (Apart from the very frequent swear words, but who doesn't hear most of that stuff when they're walking past a bunch of kids on the street?)

We've just seen this type of story so much now that is has no originality whatsoever. Yeah, it's good to stick on if there's nothing else on TV, but it's not particularly important to see it at the cinema. You'll have just the same reaction to it whilst at home, without any strangers around you munching on popcorn.

It's a fun film, and if you really enjoy this sort of 'opposites attract' storyline then you'll probably love the movie. The actors are fun to watch, and the soundtrack is very modern - Almost like something off of Now 73. Just don't expect anything new with this movie. They also could have worked on the sensitive side that Mike (Gerard Butler) contains, as it would have made it more satisfying when the story finished.

It's come from the director who made 21 (Robert Luketic), something completely different and much better. It's good to see experimentation though. I'd suggest he sticks to the drama type stories though, as this is one for Judd Apatow who's worked on Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin. Although, he could have made it a lot cruder than it already is so maybe it's a good thing it's been made by Luketic.

Overall, nothing special but it will bring you a few laughs.

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