Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bronson ****

Every now and again we get high on a British film that's so full of life and eccentricity that you can't help but fall in love with it, and slowly become addicted. Our next dose of this metaphorical drug is Bronson.

Definitely one for the niche film fans, as this is as odd as a rabbit playing pool whilst roller skating. It's quirky, dark, brutal and brilliant. It has that raw edge that makes British cinema stand out from the clean cut world of Hollywood. It's not pretty and perfect. It's not modified or brightened. It's natural, hard and mean.

Although slightly hard to handle every now and again, mainly due to the intense fight scenes and multiple uses of the C word, it's a stunning piece of cinematography and acting. Tom Hardy who plays the infamous Charles Bronson is absolutely and utterly the best performer I think I've seen. He narrates his life with a sense of humour, he acts his prison time with a huge passion for violence, and makes this film one not to be missed.

It is verging on the slightly insane, and does glamorise this very well known criminal which isn't so good. But when you look at it for just the film value it's completely original. You don't really know where the film is going to take you, much like Bronson's life I would imagine. But when it does take you that one step further than you were willing to go it's a delightful surprise... Or maybe that's just the shock speaking.

It doesn't hold back on anything. You feel this guy's emotions from happy to sad, angry to calm, insane to, well more insane. You're taken through a whole spectacle of life events that you can't quite believe. Nicolas Winding Refn is relatively new to directing, but with this film he's certainly going to become a cult director that all hardcore film fans are going to love.

Aimed at the more open minded film lovers, it explores ideas in cinema that would never normally be considered for a mainstream movie. It didn't get much hype when it came to advertising which should be illegal. But if you like mean and gritty movies you have to give this a go. It's a bit different and verging on an underlying transsexual tone to the movie, but who wouldn't want to give that a go?!

Satisfy your cravings for a brilliant British movie by watching this, it won't disappoint.

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