Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife ****

Man alive, get ready to cry girls! This film has got a roller coaster of emotions - Mostly sad. But it's not a depressing film, it's just one you can have a good weep to. If you have any idea of the book you'll know what's coming. If you don't then just prepare yourself by taking a few tissues and run straight to the toilets to sort your makeup out afterwards. I can probably say this is definitely not for the guys. Although you may enjoy the storyline, it's very emotional and a proper love story; just making you aware.

More about the Time Traveler than the wife, Eric Bana plays a wonderful role. He's gorgeous to look at, acts really well and makes this film work. Along side Rachel McAdams who plays the wife, the chemistry, passion and spirit of the film isn't broken at all during the whole performance. They work well as a couple and make this film perfectly enjoyable to watch.

Although the storyline is quite confusing as you can't quite tell which year you're in, or what version of Henry (The time traveler) is actually with Clare, (The wife) it doesn't matter all too much. Subtle changes in appearances make it a little easier to figure out, and by the end of the film you can pretty much have a general idea of what's just happened.

This love story is quite original as well. Many films have the same order of narrative - 'We're young and in love. We argue. We split up. We magically fall in love with each other again.' But this is truly a relationship that has problems, highs and lows but is all about their powerful bond with each other. It makes it believable to see, and makes it all the more inducing. You're caught up between the hold these two have on each other, and wouldn't want anything or anyone to come between them. They're perfect, and that's what you need in a love story!

You come out completed entranced in the movie, and just want to watch it all over again. Well, maybe not straight away because it's pretty exhausting the first time. You're taken through so much that you do need a good laugh afterwards. It's slightly sadder than Marley and Me, but slightly less than I Am Sam. Make of that what you will.

If you want a girlie night out, go and see this film. If you don't like emotional films and just want a few laughs, see something else! It's brilliant for what it's designed to do - Make you cry.

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