Monday, 13 July 2009

Public Enemies ****

This illicit action packed drama can leave you feeling either one of two things - You love it or you hate it. Personally, I feel this film is great. Although it does drag a bit, and the storyline is kind of repetitive, the micro details this film provides is wonderful. The costumes the characters wear, the guns they use, the cars they drive, the locations in which this film is shot in; it's excellent.

And of course, Johnny Depp is outstanding. He's cool, exciting, an icon. Many people have debated the fact that this is just another film glamorising a criminal, and it really does. But even so, he can just take a character and make that film solely dependant on whoever it is. You become caught up in his life, especially the love between him and Billie (played by Marion Cotillard). It really is a true love story showing this criminal's caring, attentive and frankly over protective side. Although Edward Scissorhands creates an almost poignant feel towards his acting abilities in love, the relationship between these two is way up their in his top love stories.

You may gain a sense of catharsis when you hear Christian Bale's acting, taking you back to the Batman movies. His voice sometimes slips into tight suit and mask mode, meaning his husky tones can be quite hard to understand. Nonetheless, he plays his part just as well, giving a tone of desperation in finding John Dillinger (Johnny Depp).

The seminal use of editing in this film is by no means good. The transition from one camera to the another can sometimes be a bit too obvious, and some scenes you can clearly see the use of sets, and the sound can become a little undefined, but this doesn't mean it is unpleasant to watch or to listen to. It's a proper 1930s gangster film for this modern audience. We haven't got men dressed in tracksuits, in too noisy to listen to cars. We've got smart looking men and women, listening to very appropriate music and drinking to enjoy rather than to get drunk. This is what a gangster film should look like. No one is seen taking an unbelievable amount of drugs, they all seem proper - Which could be why this film is so fun to watch, because it's so unexpected.

There are moments of gun shots that make you jump, the action is constant throughout, with a good amount of dialogue too. It is a good film, despite what you may have read. You just need to stay focused and enjoy what's being provided, rather than expecting a huge production for a film set in the 1930s. Films Depp are in tend to be quite slow, when he is the main character, as well. It's just the fact that he's so good at creating these characters that people have become so caught up in his world. They expect more, when actually he's providing everything an audience needs.

I can imagine this film would be just as good to watch on DVD, but go to the cinema anyway, it's a good 2 and a half hours of entertainment.

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