Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bruno ***

If, like some of us, you are not a fan of Borat or Ali G, I most certainly wouldn't see this film. It's the usual cringe worthy, offensive, almost too controversial to put on screen images and dialogue you'll see. But with that in mind, this is why Sasha Baron Cohan is so popular.

He's excellent at creating these characters. He never falls from that particular person's persona, and keeps to the point the whole way through his films. You see the antics he gets himself in, real or made up, and all you can do is laugh because it's that bad. Or you might just want to walk out... But all in all, Bruno certainly delivers the scenes you almost have to turn your head away from.

The whole cinema was inhaling with disbelief, and laughing at scenes that in any reality would be front page news. You find yourself watching most of the film with your hands over your mouth just to keep you from screaming at the situations. One that particularly sits in your mind is the gay sex scene - graphic, hardcore and totally, totally over-exaggerated.

Although Borat wasn't one of my favourite films, this isn't as good as it. Probably because Borat was fresh and a totally revolutionary way of making a film. Bruno sits in that same category but just doesn't deliver the same quality of humour as the previous. There aren't many quotable scenes which you and all your friends can impersonate. Plus everything just seems completely over the top. But if you just want to watch people embarrass themselves it's totally up your alley.

It is quite humiliating to watch these so called true scenes, and see how these poor expectant people react to them. It's very clever in a way that you can't quite tell which is serious and which is made up. Everyone involved is either a great actor, completely oblivious to the whole situation or just mad. With these revolving factors, it adds up to one engaging film because you really do just want to see how they will react.

This film is an 18 for a reason. Anyone younger would probably just be disturbed, not understand or be totally confused by the whole experience. I have to say, I think anyone will come out in this state of mind anyway. It's too much like real life to be a certificate any lower. This film was almost given an R rating - The highest certificate you can give. If that doesn't give you some indication of how absurd this film is, I don't know what will!

So, if this has at all interested you say 'Hey!' to Bruno. If it hasn't, then well, you're probably like me and never want to watch it again. But all in all, it's an entertaining film.

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